Connecticut DMV Information: Updating Your Name and Address

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When you change your address, it is your responsibility to inform the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if you have a driver’s license. It will prevent you from missing any critical mail sent from motor vehicles. To do so, you must follow the department procedure to obtain a new driver’s license.

Changing your Connecticut Driver’s License

To change your address at the Connecticut DMV, you must complete Form B-58, Change of Address and Organ/Tissue Donor Status. After completing the form, forward it to:

Department Of Motor Vehicles

Attn: Data Entry Change of Address Unit

60 State Street

Wethersfield, CT 06161

Now, you have two options to update your address on your driver’s license. You can request an address label to attach to your current ID or reapply for a new driver’s license.

To Request an Address Label, call the Connecticut DMV or the police department. The Connecticut DMV number is (800) 842-8222, and you will receive your label in the mail.Once you do, affix it to your driver’s license.

To replace your driver’s license, visit the nearest DMV office and provide the necessary documents to show proof of address. Pay the cost, and you will have your new ID.

 Address Change for Title and Registration in Connecticut

To change your address on the registration card, cross out the previous address and write the current one in the space provided on the card. Of course, this must be done after notifying the Connecticut DMV first.

If you want to request a new title with the new address, you must complete the form provided by the Connecticut DMV for a replacement title. Also, pay the cost for the replacement document.

For New Connecticut Residents

You have up to 30days after moving and residing in Connecticut to get yours out of state driver’s license change. To do this, visit the nearest DMV and submit the necessary documents along with the fees. Here is a breakdown of the process:

  • Complete the required form
  • Submit your current driver’s license
  • Pass a vision exam
  • Pay application fee of $40
  • Pay the driver’s license fee of $72

Changed your name? Change you Connecticut Driver’s License

If you changed your name, you must visit the DMV to have your license change as well. To get a new driver’s license, follow these steps:

  • Complete Form E-78 (Change or Name or Name Correction Request
  • Submit your current driver’s license or ID
  • Proof of name change documents
    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce Decree
    • Court Order
  • Pay $30 fee

Once you have followed the process set forth by the Connecticut DMV, you will have your new document is a matter of days or the same day when you visit a location.