How to Change Your Personal Information at a Kansas DMV

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So, you’ve decided to make the move to the state of Kansas. Or, maybe you’re relocating within the state because of new opportunities! Whatever the reason – you’ll want to update your information with the Kansas DMV to ensure all your details are up-to-date and compliant.

While at it – you may also want to update your name. This could be for any number of reasons (such as getting married); updating these details go hand-in-hand with what’s on file at the DMV, so that’s why we’re including them both in this guide.

In our guide, you’ll learn what’s needed to update/change your name in Kansas. Plus, how to update your personal information (ie. registration and such) with the DMV in Kansas.

Name Change via Social Security Office & ID DMV

Doing a name change will involve updating what’s on file with the Social Security Administration (SSA). You’ll need most of your personal identifiers in hand (ie. license, birth certificate, etc) to complete this. It doesn’t take long to do, but there’s a lot that happens after that you’ll want to plan for – including updating your info on accounts, DMV records, mailing, and more.

In order to update your name with the SSA, you’ll present proof of your name alteration. When you have obtained the necessary paperwork, you can forward it to the SSA for review. Your application will be processed by the SSA and your records will be modified. Your new name will then be linked to your SSN.

Note: Changing your name with the SSA does not automatically change your name on other documents, such as your driver’s license or passport.

  • A completed Application for a Social Security Card
  • Proof of name change
    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce Decree
    • Court documents
  • Proof of your identity
    • Driver’s license
    • State ID
    • U.S. Passport
  • Proof of Citizenship
    • Certificate of U.S. citizenship
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of Naturalization

Once you’re ready to complete the name change, you’ll have two options: either visit an SSA office in person or mail the necessary forms and documents to them. If you require assistance, you can contact the SSA by phone.

Once the SSA has updated your name, you must also update your driver’s license to reflect your new name. To achieve this, visit a nearby DMV location with the pertinent documents, social security number, and payment. 

Note: The procedure is pretty much the same as obtaining an ID, but with updated details.

This brings us to…

Changing Your Address in Kansas

Those moving to the state of Kansas will have about 10 days before needing to update their information with the DMV. This informs the state that you are now a legal resident. Within this timeframe, you’ll have a long list of things to do – one of these being updating your license and/or vehicle registration.

Typically – items needed if you’re changing an address after moving to the state include:

  • Current out-of-state driver’s license
  • Proof of social security number (ie. social security card)
  • Birth certificate (or other document showing legal US presence)
  • A document (or two) showing your new address

Aside from presenting the necessary paperwork, the incoming resident must also settle any applicable charges. Charges may consist of the new driver’s license or identification card, and also any expenses tied to the registration of a vehicle within the new state.

Take advantage of your time at the DMV by going ahead and registering an out-of-state vehicle.

Now, for Kansas residents updating their address – you’ve got some options.

Grab a copy of the Kansas Change of Address Request form and fill it out.

Then – you’ll:

  • Gather up your documents (primary ID or license, social security card, and proof of Kansas residency), then visit your local DMV office.
  • Submit the document online through the state’s online portal

You can choose to get a new license issued with this updated information. The state doesn’t automatically issue one – so you’ll need to either get it done in tandem or schedule a follow-up to update your licensing.

What you will need to do when updating your information is also update your vehicle registration. This shouldn’t take long given you have much of the information already, though you’ll want to bring some extra funds for the fees.

For More Information

If you require aid with handling your data or finishing a form for the Kansas DMV, we suggest using our online directory to locate the closest DMV branch. Our directory supplies data on operating hours, contact information, and available services.

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