Arizona Driver’s License: New AZ Driver License Application Process

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Arizona uses a graduated driver’s license program to help teens understand the rules of the road while giving them behind-the-wheel experience, starting at age 15 and 6 months. AZ teens are willing to respect road laws, practice driving, and take a driver’s ed course can their learner’s permit.

Getting an Arizona driver’s license requires you to:

  1. Go through their graduated licensing program
  2. Be of-age, pass requirements, and take the tests

The second stage of this GDL program lets the teen get their intermediate license granting more freedom. Before long, they can get their full (adult) license either after holding the provisional for 6 months or when they turn 18.


Those 18 and older can get their driver’s license without a permit if they pass the knowledge and driving test. Or, do their knowledge test, hold a permit, and then pass a road test. There’s also an option to do a driver’s ed course, get a permit, and pass the road test, too.

Whatever way you get there, we’re sharing what’s done once you’re ready to upgrade your permit or provisional license into a full-fledged one in the state of Arizona.

The Step-by-Step Process of Getting an Arizona Driver’s License

An Arizona license is available for those who graduate from the GDL program. Or, as noted, those 18 and older are willing to practice driving and pass the requirements when applying.

Steps to get a full driver’s license:

  1. Schedule and visit an AZ DMV
  2. Complete a Driver’s License/Identification Card Application (40-5122)
    1. Note: You may process the application online and bring documents to the DMV
  3. Provide personal identification
    1. Passport
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Social Security Card
    4. W-2 or 1099
  4. Provide proof of residency
    1. Mortgage statement
    2. Utility bill
    3. Medical card
    4. Registration
  5. Provide proof of Social Security Number
  6. Provide a valid license (if applicable)
    1. Via GDL program
    2. Not suspended or revoked
    3. Surrender your out-of-state license
  7. Pass the tests
    1. With GLP: Road Test
    2. Without GLP: Knowledge and road test
  8. Get your vision exam
  9. Pay the application fees (see below)

Those who did not undergo the state’s GDL program need to pass a written and vision test when applying for their driver’s license. They will take a driver’s test, too. Consider using a practice test before going to the DMV to increase your chances of passing.

The DMV driving test verifies adult drivers can show respect for the road.

The AZ road test includes being able to check for safety, control the vehicle, and obey traffic signs. The test also checks if you can signal properly and observe/communicate your driving abilities. If you have behind-the-wheel experience, then you shouldn’t have trouble passing the driving test.


You’re now a new, proud owner of an unrestricted license! You will receive a temporary license until it arrives by mail. This license is good until you turn 50 years old.


  • You will renew an AZ license every 12 years from the date of its issue
  • If under 21, you’ll receive a vertical license until you get a duplicate past this age
  • Licenses for those over 50 are only valid for 5-year periods

Those unable to respect road rules & laws may see their license suspended. Are you in this situation? If so, refer to our suspended license guide for more details on how to get it reinstated.

Arizona Driver Licensing Fees

The fees depend on your age and license type – this usually includes:

  • 16 to 39 years old: $25
  • 40 to 44 years old: $20
  • 45 to 49 years old: $15
  • 50 years and older: $10

Final Note about Arizona Driver Licenses

Remember, driving is a privilege. Respect the rules of the road and your fellow drivers. Continue practicing safe driving and make sure you carry Arizona auto insurance as this is a requirement!

You’ll love your newfound freedom when behind the wheel. Stay safe out there!