Arizona Learner’s Permit: A First-Time Teen Driver Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Teen 15 years and 6 months old can apply for their learner’s (Class G) permit in Arizona. Their application places them in Arizona’s graduated licensing program which takes them through a series of requirements before they’re legally allowed to drive on their own.

This guide shares:

  • Your permit requirements
  • What steps you’ll take
  • Fees and taxes you’ll pay

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division handles the process and paperwork. It’s up to the teen to respect the rules of the road throughout their time earning their license. The following are the items teens need to complete to get their Arizona learner’s permit.

Get an Arizona Learner’s Permit: Step-by-Step

The paperwork and testing take place at your nearest ADOT location. Need to find one? Click here to sort through our directory. Once there, they’ll provide the following items to get their driver’s permit.

  1. Submit a Driver’s License/Identification Card Application
    1. Form 40-5122
    2. Parental signature (if under 18)
      1. Notarized and/or witnessed by an MVD agent
    3. Show proof of:
      1. ID
      2. Residency
    4. Pass the tests
      1. Written
      2. Vision
    5. Pay the $7 permit fee

The written test taken during the permit application tests your knowledge of road signs and rules. This 30-question test isn’t difficult if you study the Arizona driver manual or take practice tests. You can find online tests to practice through accredited providers.

You can take your written test up to 3 times within 12 months. Otherwise, if you fail, you’ll need to pay the $7 permit fee. This test isn’t difficult with a few hours of study – it’s important, so make sure you do!

What to know about your permit:

  • Valid for 12-months
  • Licensed (21+) drivers must accompany you whenever driving

As you can see, getting a learner’s permit in Arizona is very easy and straightforward. Do your best to avoid traffic incidents and don’t use your phone when driving (unless an emergency)! Be safe on the roads, too!

Getting Behind-the-Wheel Experience

Teens are expected to use the 12 months of having a permit to practice their driving. Getting behind-the-wheel experience is a necessity because you’ll report this when getting an intermediate license.

What you should know about driving experience:

  • You may take an accredited driver’s education course
  • You can do and log 30 hours (10 at night) of supervised driving

Either option will get you where you need to be when upgrading to a provisional. The driver’s education course is 30 hours of classroom activities and 6 hours of driving instruction. It’s up to you!

The Next Step of Arizona’s GDL: A Provisional License

Upgrading a permit to a provisional license becomes available once a teen turns 16 (but not older than 18), held their permit for 6 months, and got their behind-the-wheel experience. This intermediate license gives more freedom on the road and puts the teen one step closer to unrestricted driving.

Ready to learn (or do) the next steps in the program? Read our Arizona Teen Driver’s Licensing Guide.