Arizona Suspended License: An AZ Reinstatement Guide

Drivers License
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Driving is a privilege so when you lose your license from a suspension or revocation, it’s a big deal. You can no longer legally drive in the state of Arizona. Those risking it can face serious punishments like high fines and jail time, so it’s an obvious decision to stop driving if you’ve lost your driving privileges.

You will receive a state-issued notice at the time of your suspension. If not, you may check with the AZ DOT/MVD website to see the status of your license. The notification shares why your license got suspended or revoked, this lets you know the exact details of how you’ll get it back.

Continue below to learn how to reinstate your license in Arizona.

Why Your License (Probably) Got Suspended or Revoked

For most drivers, getting too many points on your record is the likely reason for suspension or revocation. Some drivers may have their privileges suspended or revoked for criminal charges. Revocation is automatic for those convicted of DUI/DWI.

Earning 8 points within a 12-month period can result in the following:

  • Required Arizona Traffic Survival School
  • License suspension of up to 12 months

A DUI, reckless driving, or aggressive driving is an immediate 8 points on your record. This, as you can expect, results in a license suspension.

Common causes for probations and suspensions include:

  • Speeding
  • Moving violations
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to pay fines
  • Violating insurance laws

Refusing to take a drug/DUI blood or breath test results in an immediate suspension, too. Repeat offenses in this regard go to 2 years (up to 84 months of suspension).

A license is revoked for doing the following:

  • Use the vehicle to commit a felony
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Giving false information to the DMV
  • 2 or more convictions (DUI/reckless/aggressive)

A revoked license goes under investigation before the AZ MVD lets you reinstate it.

Making an Appeal

You may file an appeal for an administrative hearing by emailing the AZ MVD. You may download a hearing request form to drop off at your local DMV, mail in the request, or fax it, too. If accepted, the state will schedule a hearing in 30 – 35 days.

My License is Suspended, Now What?

There’s only one real option: Wait for the suspension to drop from your record and pay any associated fees having caused the suspension (or accumulated during it). The duration and fees depend on your activities, worse offenses cause more suspension time.

Learn the specifics of your suspension and how to satisfy it at the AZ DOT site.

Reinstating a Suspended License in Arizona

Reinstating a suspended license may include:

  • Submitting proof of insurance
  • Pleading or paying traffic violation tickets
  • Paying and catching up on child support payments
  • Paying mandatory files and jail time for DUI
  • Retaking a traffic course or DUI program

You will better understand your requirements by talking to a DMV official.

What you’ll typically do when reinstating a license:

  1. Visit an AZ DMV office with your notice
  2. Provide proof of ID
    1. ID
    2. DoB
    3. Driver’s license
    4. Eye color
    5. Applicable: SSN
  3. Serve court requirements and pay fees
  4. Show proof of insurance financial responsibility (SR22) if applicable
    1. Note: This coverage must continue for 3 years

You will pay your fees in person or you can process them through the ADOT website.

You may mail the payment to the Arizona Department of Transportation, too, at this address:

Arizona Department of Transportation

Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 2100

MD 555M

Phoenix, AZ 85001

Given you meet the requirements and pay your fees, you’ll receive your new license in the mail.

Reinstating a Revoked Arizona License

Drivers with a revoked license must complete the Revocation Investigation Packet. Then, follow the same steps as they would with a suspended license (see above). You may also need to pass a medical review if you failed to submit the documents.

Reinstatement Fees for a Suspended or Revoked AZ License

Your typical fees when reinstating your Arizona license include:

  • Suspended reinstatement fee: $10
  • Revoked reinstatement fee: $20

You also have application fees:

  • Age 16 to 39: $25
  • Age 40 to 44: $20
  • Age 45 to 49: $15
  • Age 50 and older: $10

Most forms of payment are accepted except for checks. You may also pay other court fees and costs depending on your personal situation.

Restricted Driver’s Permit and License in Arizona

You can apply for a restricted AZ license if the suspension was the result of:

  • Insurance law violations
  • DUI

The AZ MVD will send a restricted permit within the month if you qualify. This license is good for basic driving necessities like going to/from work, school, or treatment centers. The permit may require a Certificate of Insurance (SR22) or a $40,000 deposit to the AZ Office of Treasurer.

The restricted permit lets you drive to necessary locations like work and school.

A special restricted license is available if you’ve served 90 days of the DUI-caused suspension, have no pending withdrawal actions, get an ignition lock installed, have SR22 insurance, paid your fees, and complete an alcohol or treatment program.

The Best Advice for an Arizona Suspended License

That advice? Follow the road rules.

Think before you drive under the influence and your impact on the roads. Pay attention to your accumulating driving points. And, if you’re running into financial troubles. Get help with these items before they become a major hassle to your driving privileges!