Arkansas Driving Records

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The culmination of your driving history is what’s known as your driving records (or: DMV records). These records include everything that comes between you and the road, including information like your licensing, vehicle registration, point violations, and more.

As you can imagine – access to your driving records offers a ton of insights.

Having a copy of your Arkansas driving records will help you better understand what information the state has about you. You can also use it to handle items such as unpaid tickets or violations. You may also simply need it for your own record-keeping. Whatever your needs, your AK driving records are the documents you’ll want – and getting access to them is pretty easy!

In this short article, we’ll explain how to request your driving records in Arkansas.

Getting Your Arkansas Driving Records

There are two forms of DMV driving records you can request:

  • Official
  • Unofficial

Official Arkansas driving records can be obtained through a local AK DMV office (see our directory here to find a DMV near you). You can also request your driving record by mail or through the official web portal (here). After paying a nominal fee (about $8.50 to $13, depending on how you want them obtained), you’ll get an official copy of your request.

You can request information such as your insurance record, commercial record, or history record with the Arkansas DMV.

As far as unofficial driving records go…

You can often get them through 3rd party services. Mind you that since these versions of the records are unofficial that you can’t use them in an official manner. This would include things like paying tickets, handling driving points, and the like.

To Summarize

Requesting your Arkansas driving records is a quick and easy process. The state offers a few different methods to get your documents including by mail, in-person, or online. You’ll pay between $8.50 to $13 for a copy of your documents. They will be the official versions.