How to Replace a Lost Title in California?

Replace a Lost Title in California
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A vehicle doesn’t have much purpose without its title.

Without a title, you’re restricted from selling and trading. Or using it as collateral in a loan application.

California requires you to replace a car title if lost, damaged, or stolen. You can get a duplicate title a few ways in California.

This article will share the options you have.

Replacing a Lost Car Title in CA: How-To

You can personally replace your vehicle’s title at a local CA DMV location. Mail-in options are available, too, providing a quick-and-easy way to get back on the road.

You must file the Application for Duplicate Title Form (REG 227).

You must also submit a $21 duplicate title fee when processing the replacement request. This fee may increase depending on vehicle type.

Other items you’ll need include:

  • Driver’s license or ID card
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle’s VIN, make, model, and year
  • Vehicle’s proof of ownership
  • Any lien details

You may need to get documents notarized when submitting.

Replacing/Duplicates In-Person

Replacing a title in person requires you to:

  1. Locate your local DMV office
  2. File and bring Form REG 227
  3. Pay the fee (check, cash, card)

Replacing/Duplicates by Mail

Replacement and duplicate titles are available through the mail.

Provide the Form REG 227 application, proof of ID, lien information, payment (addressed to the Department of Motor Vehicles), and vehicle information.

This is sent to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Registration Operations

P.O. Box 942869

Sacramento, CA 94269

You may want to call your local CA DMV verifying you have the necessary paperwork.

Keep Your Title Updated

You should consider updating personal information when filing for a replacement or duplicate title. This could include an updated name (requiring the Statements of Facts form).

You will fill out Form REG 227 application with these changes. While filing the form, you will provide proof of ID and the reason for this change. No fees apply when updating your information.


Having all the necessary forms and information when filing for a replacement or duplicate title will help ensure a smooth and timely process. Consider updating personal information such as name, address, or vehicle ownership if needed. Finally, contact your local DMV to verify you have all the required paperwork before sending in your application. We hope this guide has been helpful! Good luck with getting your new title.