Georgia Learner’s Permit: First Time Driver’s Guide

Georgia Learners Permit Guide
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Georgia state’s teen drivers can start the process of getting their driver’s license at 15 years old. The process begins with a learner’s permit helping teens understand and respect the rules of the road. This leads to a provisional license. Followed by the eventual permanent, “adult” driver’s license.

The teen goes through Georgia’s Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility (TADRA) graduate licensing program. Teens need to apply and pass the Georgia learner’s permit requirements before they can get on the road. This includes a vision screening, written test, submitting docs, and paying fees.

This post shares the set of steps required to get a GA learner’s permit.

Get a Georgia Learner’s Permit

First-time drivers apply for their permits in person (find your local GA DMV).

Your GA permit requirements include the following:

  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Showing proof of ID and US/GA residency like:
    • Birth Certificate
    • S. Passport
    • Social Security Card
    • Court Order
    • Bank Statement
  • Pass a knowledge exam(s)
  • Pass a vision test

A legal adult, guardian, or authorized driving training instructor must accompany you to the GA DMV office when applying. The adult will sign the application letting the teen apply for their learner’s.

Plus, you’ll need to provide a Georgia DDS Certificate of School Enrollment (DS-1). The teen will show proof of an HS diploma, GED, or special diploma. Or HS completion certification or proof of enrollment in a Ged program.

Those passing the requirements get to operate a Class C vehicle.

About Driver Education Courses

It’s recommended you explore taking a driver’s education course to prepare for your written and eventual driving test as you graduate through the TADRA program.

Driver’s ed provides a wealth of knowledge and understanding of driving rules & laws. Plus, it may provide real-world experience driving if you’re unable to gain behind-the-wheel experience with an adult.

About the Written Test

Application for a GA learner’s permit requires you to take a written test. This test is multiple choice to test your ability to recognize road signs and rules-of-the-road. You’ll test questions about vehicle regulations and traffic signs.

We recommend taking a Georgia driving practice test to improve your passing chances.

What You’ll Do at the DMV

Bring all the following:

  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of enrollment (DS-1)

At the DMV, teens will need to:

  1. Show your documents
  2. Pass the written test
  3. Pay the DMV application fee
  4. Take a vision screening
  5. Receive the learner’s permit

Teen drivers will pay a $10 learner’s permit application fee.

Congratulations! You’ve got a learner’s permit in Georgia!

Note: Those under 18 with a permit must show good school attendance and performance. Else the state will revoke your driving privileges and permit.

Getting Behind-the-Wheel Experience

Teens are permitted to drive with a licensed driver, parent, or guardian. This behind-the-wheel experience should include 40 hours of driving. Failing to show driving responsibility may forfeit your ability to get a license.

You will submit a driving log when applying for a provisional license. Be sure to keep a log whenever you can! You’ll also need your adult/guardian’s/instructor’s signature on this form when submitting.


You may want to take a driver’s training program since those under 17 when applying for a provisional license will need to do so anyway. This decision is up to you, but it is quite helpful!

Getting Your Provisional Driver’s License

First-time drivers showing responsibility behind the wheel and having held their permit for at least 12 months may on to their provisional license. This intermediate license gives more driving freedom and flexibility. Getting on requires a new application and further testing at your local GA DMV.

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