How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Georgia?

Georgia Registration Renewal Guide
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Is it already that time to renew your vehicle tag and title registration, already?

The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Revenue require drivers to renew their registration annually by their birthday. Forgoing renewal may cause a suspended license, extra late fees, and/or penalties.

You’ll receive a notification at the month’s start when you’ll need to renew. This explains the expiration date, fees, applicable emissions info, and your Renewal Identification Number (RIN). You’ll use the RIN as the primary item when renewing, so keep it safe!

Vehicle registration renewal is available through the following:

  • Online
  • In-Person
  • Mail
  • Self-serve kiosks

Got everything in order? Great! Let’s move on to the renewal process.

What’s Needed to Renew a Vehicle Registration

Collect the following:

  1. Identification
    1. Driver’s license
    2. Georgia ID
  2. Vehicle renewal notice
    1. Option #1: Submitting your RIN
    2. Option #2: Filing a Title/Tag Application (MV-1)
  3. Applicable items
    1. Emissions report
    2. Insurance
  4. Valid payment method

Renewal fees are paid at the time of renewal and vary by county and vehicle type. You will need a valid debit or credit card to process these payments. Or a check/money order where applicable.

How to Renew Your Georgia Car Registration

The registration fees for most passenger vehicles typically cost $20, minus taxes and fees. Your final price may also include the vehicle’s value and type. Use the GA DOR website to find your renewal RIN and check the tag renewal fee estimate to get an accurate amount.

Note: Calhoun, Clay, Randolph, Steward, and Turner counties open registrations between 01/01 – 04/30. Those in Talbot County have monthly registrations during these times but are divided by your birth month (Jan – March, April – June, July – September, and October – December).

Renewing Online

Renewing online is the easiest option (if you are living in a participating county):

  1. Visit the GA DOR website
  2. Fill in your personal information
    1. Name
    2. DoB
    3. SSN
    4. Up-to-date address
  3. Enter your vehicle information
    1. Info on the renewal form
    2. Applicable emissions test
  4. Confirm the details and pay the renewal fee

It should take about a week to receive your new registration.

Renewing In-Person

Take a trip to the local DMV (find yours here) with these items:

  1. Renewal information
    1. Option: RIN # from renewal form
    2. Option: Title/Tag Application (MV-1)
  2. Proof of auto insurance (if applicable)
  3. Emission inspection certificate (if applicable)
  4. Funds for the registration renewal fee

You’ll receive the tag renewal, good for another year.

Renewing by Mail

Mail renewal is available but slower so it’s best to send early – you’ll include:

  1. Personal information
  2. Registration renewal info
    1. RIN
    2. MV-1 form
  3. Copy of auto insurance (if required)
  4. Emission inspection certificate (if required)
  5. Payment method (check or money order)

Send this information to:

Motor Vehicle Division

4125 Welcome All Road

Atlanta, GA 30374

You should receive your renewal in a few weeks’ time.

By Kiosk

Participating counties feature self-serve registration kiosks. You will submit your license and proof of insurance/emissions (if applicable) through these machines. Follow the on-screen prompts to process the renewal – the docs are printed at the kiosk.

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Title and Tags

Are you having trouble locating your registration for a renewal or title transfer? See our Title Replacement Guide for more details.