Georgia Teen License: How to Get Your Class D License

Georgia Intermediate License Guide
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Are you an eager teen in Georgia who is ready to get your driver’s license? Congratulations! Whether you’ve been waiting for the day you turn 16 or are already counting down until your 14th birthday – when Georgia teens can begin the process of earning their learner’s permit – adding a license to the list of checkpoints that mark life’s milestones is something special.

With a Class D driver’s license, you will gain independence and freedom. We understand how exciting this is; that’s why we created this comprehensive guide on navigating the process from start to finish – so let’s get started!

A provisional (intermediate) license is the second stage of Georgia’s graduate license program.

  • Learner’s
  • Intermediate (you’re here)
  • Unrestricted

By now, you have your permit and have proved safe behind the wheel. A combined 12 months of supervised driving (the first six months) means you’re one step closer to unrestricted driving! The next step will test your driving knowledge and abilities.

The following shares how to get your provisional license in Georgia.

Get a Georgia Class D (Intermediate) License

Teens hold their learner’s permit for 12 months starting from age 15.

Those aged 17 do not need to take a Driver’s Ed course (though they may find it helpful).

The 1-year gap is perfect for practicing driving. Just make sure you do not accrue any traffic violations else you will forfeit licensing until you turn 18. A teen drivers can apply for their initial license at age 16 after completing these basic GDL requirements.

That 18+ can skip ahead to getting their adult GA license.

Ready to get the provisional? You can schedule an appointment by phone or online. Else, swing through a GA DMV near you, the wait shouldn’t take long when you’re prepared.

Provisional Licensing Requirements

  • Age 16+
  • Held a learner’s permit for 12 months
  • Show the educational certifications
  • Provide proof of identity & residency
    • ID examples: ID card, Social Security card, original birth certificate
    • Residency examples: High school diploma/transcript, bank statement
  • Proof of behind-the-wheel experience
    • 40 hours (with 6 hours at night)
    • Logged and signed by parent/guardian
  • Having no traffic convictions
    • Including: Following local curfews

At the DMV

Your parent(s) or guardian(s) should be present when submitting:

  1. GA learner’s permit
  2. Behind-the-wheel log
  3. Certificates (driver’s ed, ADAP, DS-1)
  4. Pay the $10 intermediate licensing fee

You will take a written and vision test on location.

The written test is a series of multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge of road signs and traffic laws. Consider taking a DMV practice test before the real test to improve your odds of passing. The vision test verifies your sight (bring corrective lenses if you wear them).

The DMV office will take your photo and process your new provisional license. You’re now free to drive between 6 AM to 12 AM unless specified. You’re allowed to have family passengers only during the first 6-months of having an intermediate license. Then, up to one non-family passenger for the second half.

Getting Your Full Georgia Driver’s License

The intermediate license has lots of freedom and brings you within reach of an unrestricted Georgia license. Teens should continue practicing safe driving during this time. Once teens turn 17, they can apply for their full license.

Want to know more about the provisional to full licensing? Read our Georgia License Guide.