How to Request Your Illinois Driving Records

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Your Illinois driving record is a vital document with information about your driving history. If your Illinois driving records do not have any traffic violations, you will likely benefit when it comes to getting a cheaper car insurance premium or when prospective employers look at it. However, if your driving records contain traffic violations and show points accumulation, it can affect you negatively. So, do you need a copy of your Illinois driving records to see your driving history? Here is the process of how to get a copy.

The Purpose of your Illinois Driving Records

The Illinois driving record contains information about the driving history of a driver. The information found on a driving record would be traffic violations and DMV points accumulated because of the citations. Also, based on the number of points received, a license suspension, revocation, or cancelation can happen.

Employers may use your record for a job that requires driving. If your driving history displays points because of citations, you can be disqualified for the available position. Insurance companies also look at your driving records. Anyone that has a clean driving record, one without traffic violations or points, will likely be offered a lower insurance premium than a person with violations.

Getting your Illinois Driving Records

You can get a copy of your Illinois driving record by contacting your nearest Secretary of State Office (SOS). You will have the option to get a copy by mail or in person. To get your copy, follow these directives that apply to the options available to you.

By Mail

To get your Illinois driving records by mail, complete the Driving Record Abstract Request Form or Form DSD DC 164. Mail in the form and $12 fee to:

Secretary of State

Driver Analysis Section

2701 S. Dirksen Parkway

Springfield, IL 62723

You will get your record in ten days.

In Person

If you prefer to apply for your Illinois driving records in person, visit a Driver Services facility and:

  • Complete and submit Form DSD DC 164
  • Pay the $12 fee
    • Only cash is accepted

You will get your record immediately.

Employers and Insurance Company Requesting an Illinois Driving Records


If you are an employer requesting another person’s driving records, you must provide some information before the document is released. You can order the Illinois driving record in person or by mail. Either way, the same information is collected by the Secretary of State office. So, to get a copy of another person’s record you must provide:

  • The person’s full name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • IL driver’s license number

It may take up to fifteen days to get correspondence from the Secretary of State’s office with the information.

Insurance Company

The same process to obtain another person’s driving record must be done by an insurance company.