Louisiana Car Insurance Requirements, Laws, and Quotes

In Louisiana, it is the law to have car insurance when operating a vehicle. If you are caught without insurance, not only will you be penalized and fined, but you will also not be able to cake insurance claims regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Below we provide a breakdown of the basic requirements, laws, and rates on Louisiana car insurance.

Louisiana Car Insurance Requirements

In Louisiana, the most popular way to comply with Louisiana’s law is by purchasing liability insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage to pay for any damages or injuries caused during an incident. However, liability insurance must have these minimum limits:

  •         $15,000 for bodily harm, per person
  •         $30,000 or bodily injury coverages, per accident
  •         $25,000 for property damage

Other Louisiana Insurance Options

Louisiana only requires you to have liability insurance, but there are other insurances available to provide better and safer coverage options especially if you have a family. Below is a breakdown of different insurance options:

  •         Collision insurance which covers damages caused by crashes and fender benders
  •         Comprehensive insurance which covers damages caused by non-accident incidents like theft or vandalism
  •         Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UMI) which includes damages for accidents caused by someone with no insurance
  •         Medical and funeral services
  •         Rental car
  •         Towing and labor

Louisiana Proof of Insurance

When it comes to verifying your auto insurance in Louisiana, you must have your car insurance company notify the OMV of canceled or expired insurance policies, or you must show proof of insurance if stopped by a police officer or involved in an accident. Proof of insurance can be:

  •         An insurance card (or copy)
  •         An image of your instance card on a mobile device
  •         Declaration page of your policy
  •         The insurance policy itself

Getting Caught in Louisiana Without Car Insurance & License Suspension

If police, unfortunately, catch you for having no insurance, a police officer has the authority to remove your license plate and issue you a Temporary Vehicle Use Authorization. This allows you to operate your car for 3 days and give you time to provide proof of insurance to the OMV. The police can also impound your vehicle.

Louisiana Car Insurance Quotes

When looking for the best car insurance rate in Louisiana, it is best to shop around and ask about available discounts and most importantly maintain a good driving record. Also, determining your car insurance premium is based on the following factors:

  •         Driving history
  •         Age/gender
  •         Residential area
  •         Make of vehicle
  •         Deductibles

All in all, it is important to keep a clean driving record to ensure the best priced and affordable premium for your car insurance and wallet!