How to Get a Maine Drivers License

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today you’re going to learn what’s required to get a Maine driver’s license.

A Maine driver’s license is required for anyone wanting to legally drive on state roads and highways. The license application process doesn’t take long if you have the appropriate paperwork and time needed when visiting your local ME DMV.

In this article, you’ll learn what’s required to get your ME license as an adult.

Maine Driver’s License: Step-by-Step

Eligibility for an (adult/unrestricted) class C Maine driver’s license depends on your age:

  • 16 and under: Apply through the state’s Graduated Licensing Program
  • 21 and under: Hold a permit for 6 months, and complete 70 hours of driving practice

Older than 21? You can begin applying for your NH license today!

What You’ll Do at the DMV

  1. Provide proof of identity
    1. Birth certificate, passport, visa
  2. Provide proof of Social Security Number
    1. Card, W-2, pay stub, immigration documents
  3. Provide proof of ME residency
    1. Utility bill, bank statement, voter ID
  4. Provide proof of U.S. presence
    1. Birth certificate, passport, visa
  5. Pass the tests/exams
    1. Vision
    2. Written
    3. Road
  6. Pay the application/test fees
    1. Under 65: $30 (6 years)
    2. Over 65: $21 (4 years)
    3. Out-of-state: $35 (application), $30 (license fee)
    4. Written test: $35

The DMV will issue a provisional license good for the first year if you’re over 21 if you pass the required tests. You must respect road rules during this time. You’ll receive your full license once the year is up.

Vision, Written, and Road Tests

The vision exam is your standard procedure checking your… vision. You’ll wear corrective lenses or contacts when taking the exam if needed. Pass and you’ll continue into the written exam.

The written test is a series of questions testing your knowledge of road signs and rules. Consider taking an online practice test before going to increase your chance of passing. Once completed, with a passing score, you can do your road test and get your license.

Finally, the road test examines your ability to control the vehicle and obey traffic laws. Pass the road test and you will receive your provisional license (noted above).

Congratulations! You’re a Licensed ME Driver

Submitting these documents, taking these steps, and passing the tests will grant you a driver’s license in Maine. Safe driving is a necessity but so is your everyday conduct. Breaking road rules and local/sate laws can result in a suspended license. Or, a revoked license if you’re a habitual offender.

The open roads of Maine are now yours to explore. Enjoy yourself and happy travels!