How to Request Your Massachusetts Driving Records

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Your driving records, or DMV records, are the state’s collection of your driving history. Your driving history can include anything from a vehicle’s registration and license status to point violations like unpaid tickets and more.

You may also order other individuals’ driving records using the same process.

Getting your MA driver’s records can be done online, in person, by phone, and by mail. This short article shares how you can request driving records in Massachusetts.

Getting Your Massachusetts Driving Record: Step-by-Step

There are two types of driving records in MA:

  • The unattested public driving record is usually used for personal use
  • The true and attested public driving record is usually used for DMV and/or court purposes

You can request these documents through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Merit Rating Board (MRB). Or through third-party service providers after the requester provides notarization for the party to collect their records.

Below, you’ll learn how to request official documents through the MA RMV.

Driver Record Request Online

To get DMV record online:

  1. Visit MyRMV
  2. Enter your information:
    1. License/permit number
    2. First and last name
    3. Date of birth
    4. SSN of the driver
    5. Requester information (if applicable)
    6. Email address
  3. Pay the applicable fee
    1. Unattested: $8
    2. Attested: $20

Driver Record Request In Person

To get a driving record at a DMV:

  1. Visit your local DMV
    1. Click for our list of MA DMV locations
  2. Complete the Public Driving Record Request Form (DCU100)
  3. Pay the applicable fee

Driver Record Request by Phone

Call one of these numbers:

  • (857) 368-8000 (area codes 339, 617, 781, and 857)
  • (800) 858-3926 (all other areas)

Then, provide your personal and license information. Process the payment over the phone and wait about 7-10 business days before its delivery.

Driver Record Request by Mail

To get a copy of your driving record by mail:

  1. Complete the Public Driving Record Request Form (DCU100)
  2. Include a check or money order addressed to “MassDOT”
  3. Send the documents

Send your information to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

Court Records Department

P.O. Box 55896

Boston, MA 02205

Allow up to 2 weeks for the driving records to arrive by mail.

Found Something Wrong on Your Massachusetts Driving Records?

If you notice errors, contact your local DMV and inquire about the erogenous information. This may include the need to update your information on file. The driving record is a handy set of documents for many DMV and/or court purposes – so keep them nearby in case you need them fast!