How to Request Your Michigan Driving Records

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Do you need a copy of your Michigan driving records? To get a copy, you can contact the Michigan Department of State (DOS). On your driving record, you will see a history of your driving for the past three years. Any infraction you were found guilty of will be on the report. If any points were gain due to the infractions, it would be on the report.

You can also use the report to verify your personal information as well. Your Michigan driving records can also be obtained by insurance companies, employers, or even another person.

Information on Your Michigan Driving Records

Verify the information to make sure any violations on your report is correct. You will find this information on your Michigan Driving Records:

  • Convictions for moving violations and points received
  • Suspension or revocation of your license
  • Drunk driving violations (DUI)
  • Violations received because of accidents
  • Tickets for civil violations

If you have a clean driving history, you will not find any of these violations on it.

Getting Your Michigan Driving Records

You can apply for your Michigan driving records report from the DOS in three ways. Depend on the option you select, the copies you receive will not be certified. Verify first what type you need before you order your Michigan driving records. You can order your report by:

  • Mail
  • In person
  • Phone

By Mail

To get a copy of your records by mail, you must:

  • Complete a Michigan Department of State – Requesting Your Record (Form BDVR-153)
  • Pay the fee by credit or debit card or money order

Send your request to:

Michigan Department of State

Record Lookup Unit

7064 Crowner Drive

Lansing, MI 48918

It will take about eight weeks to get a response.

In Person

You can visit the nearest DOS office to request your Michigan Driving Records. To do so, you must provide:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Application fee

By Phone

By phone is the only option available to you if you are ordering your own Michigan driving records. You must call the DOS Lookup Unit at (517) 322-1624.

Applying for Another Person’s Michigan Driving Records

The Michigan DOS will provide another person’s driving records if a valid reason is provided. Insurance companies and employers usually apply for driving records. Government agencies and the courts also can request your Michigan driving records. To request another person’s driving record, it can be done in person, by mail, or by fax. Official copies can only be obtained in person or by mail.

Michigan Driving Record Fees

When you request a copy of the Michigan driving records, you can pay by credit or debit card, cash, and money order. If you pay by debit or credit card, you will also pay a 1.75% processing fee.  So, the cost for Michigan driving records is:

  • Unofficial driving records: $11
  • Certified Driving records: $12

Removing Points from Your Michigan Driving Records

You can remove points from your Michigan driving records. Not all points can be removed. The ones that can be, you must complete the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC). The court or the DOS must approve the course. To use the BDIC, you must:

  • Pay course fees
  • Pat court fees and fines
  • Meet the deadline for course completion
  • Use an approved BDIC provider

You can take the course:

  • In a classroom
  • Online
  • Or a combination of both

Once you complete the course, the will inform the Michigan DOS.