Michigan Title Replacement: How Do You Replace your Lost Title?

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A vehicle doesn’t have many purposes without its title. By not having a title, you’re restricted from selling and trading. Or you are using it as collateral in a loan application. This is quite the trouble because you can’t technically prove vehicle ownership!

Michigan requires replacing a car title if lost, damaged, or stolen. You can get a duplicate title a few ways in Michigan. Below we will give you steps on replacing your lost title in Michigan.

What’s Needed to Replace a Car’s Title in Michigan?

You can replace your vehicle’s title in person at a local MI DMV Secretary of State (SOS) location. Mail-in options are available, too, providing a quick-and-easy way to get back on the road, but are typically reserved for those currently out of the state.

You must file the Application for Michigan Vehicle Title (TR-11L).

You will show your driver’s license or ID and then submit a $15 duplicate title fee when processing the replacement request. The entire process shouldn’t take longer than ten days.

Other items you may need:

Having these items when you go in person can make the process faster, but an ID will generally suffice for the Michigan SOS.

How Do You Replace a Lost Title in Michigan?

In Michigan, you have two options to replace your title – visiting the Michigan DMV in person or applying for a replacement title by mail.

Replacing/Duplicates In-Person

Replacing a title in person requires you to:

  1. Locate your local SOS/DMV office.
  2. File and bring the Form TR-11L
  3. Pay the fee (check, cash, card)

Replacing/Duplicates by Mail

Replacement and duplicate titles are available through the mail. This is a great option if you’re currently out of state. This process shouldn’t take long if you have the paperwork and payment ready.

You can get a duplicate title by mail by following these steps:

  1. Gather your proof of vehicle ownership
  2. Complete the TR-11L form
  3. Complete a Special Mailing of Title Request (TR-114)
    1. If: You’re having it mailed to a different address than listed on file
  4. Include a payment
    1. Check or money order
    2. Address to: State of Michigan

You will send these documents and payment to:

Michigan Department of State

Special Services Branch

7064 Crowner Drive

Lansing, MI 48918

Title Updates

It’s recommended you consider updating personal information when filing for a replacement or duplicate title. You can do this personally at the SOS office while filing the title request.

You will show your documents and ID/driver’s license and pay the fee when updating.

Questions and Answers

Below are some questions and answers our readers are asking us in Michigan.

How to Convert Out of State Title to Michigan Title?

To register an out-of-state vehicle in Michigan, visit a Secretary of State office with your out-of-state title and proof of valid Michigan no-fault insurance. All owners listed on the title must be present or an Appointment of Agent form is required.

To register your out-of-state vehicle in Michigan, bring your out-of-state registration or proof of the out-of-state title to a Secretary of State branch office along with proof of Michigan no-fault insurance.

What is Title Jumping in Michigan?

Title jumping, also known as a jumped title or floated title, is the practice of buying and selling a vehicle without registering it in your name.

This results in the title “jumping” from one owner to the next without any record of it. It is important to note that title jumping is illegal in the State of Michigan and in most states across the United States.

Does Michigan Have an Electronic Title?

Michigan now has digital titles. Paper titles are no longer printed.

How to Get an Assembled Title in Michigan?

When visiting the Secretary of State branch office, the owner of an assembled vehicle will need to complete a certification statement detailing the building process. Once the title application has been processed, a new vehicle identification number (VIN) will be calculated by the branch office for the vehicle.


All in all, Michigan vehicle owners can replace a damaged or missing title without much hassle. The Secretary of State’s office provides the necessary forms and documents to properly transfer your car title. First, you will need to fill out the Application for Duplicate Title form and submit it to the nearest branch office with the appropriate fees. Next, you must provide proof of identification and vehicle ownership, which is typically a bill of sale or existing title.