Michigan Traffic Ticket Fines, Violations, and Penalties

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If you receive a ticket in Michigan, the cost will vary based on the severity of the violation. To pay for the ticket, you will have different options. Not paying it or not paying on time can lead to additional charges. In the worst-case scenario, your driver’s license could be suspended, revoked, or terminated. Citations can also lead to points being added to your driving records.

Paying Michigan Traffic Ticket

You are given a ticket when you are cited for a traffic violation. To pay the fine, you will have options. Pay can be done online, by mail, by phone, or in person. Printed on the ticket will be the options available to pay the fine. Some tickets, and because of the severity of the violation, may require a court appearance. If this is the case, you cannot pay by either of the options mentioned above.

Pay Online

You can use the state’s ePay system to pay a traffic ticket online. It will allow you to input the ticket’s information and your information, as well as your credit card or debit card information, to pay the fine. You will receive confirmation right away.

Other Payment Methods

Paying online is the most convenient way to pay; however, if you cannot make the payment online, you have other ways. Another option is to pay by phone. You can call the telephone number printed on the ticket and follow the directions. Once it is completed, you will receive a confirmation number. Keep it in a safe place in case you will need it to verify your payment.

You will also have two other choices to pay for your ticket. The next is by mail. You can contact the county clerk’s office or the Secretary of State’s office for the mailing process. Send all the information along with your payment and you will receive payment confirmation in the mail.

Paying in person is another option to pay for your ticket. Ensure that when you visit the SOS office, you provide all the necessary information to pay the fine. Before going, inquire about acceptable payment at any location. Some may accept cash, while others accept only credit or debit cards.

Michigan Traffic Ticket and Penalties

Every Michigan traffic ticket has a penalty attached to the citation. The fine will vary according to the severity of the violation. In addition to fines, there is points awarded to each violation. The more point obtained in a short time, may result license restrictions, suspension, or revocation.

Restricted License

You may be allowed to drive but with a limited duration set by the court or SOS. For example, you may be allowed to drive from home to work and back or from home to school and vice versa. In other circumstances, to transport a family member with medical needs.

Suspended License

You cannot drive for a period of time. The time could be for a few days to a few years. Once you complete the obligation set by the court or SOS, you can resume driving.

Revoked License

Your driving privilege is terminated. You are not allowed to drive anytime and must sometimes wait 1 year to 5 years before you are reinstated. Reinstatement can come after a hearing and your driving privilege is given back.

There are other violations that may lead to your license getting revoked. Some of them include:

  • Operating under the influence of Liquor (OUIL)
  • Operating under the influence of drugs (OUID)
  • Fleeing an accident causing death
  • Causing the death of a construction worker because of failing to use caution in a construction zone
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, causing death