How to Register a Vehicle in Mississippi?

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Want to get your car on the road in Mississippi? It’s an easy process. Getting your car or truck registered in Mississippi requires you to file and submit a few different forms and fees depending on the type of vehicle. Registration is a requirement whether you’ve purchased a vehicle new or used, through a private or dealer sale. The registration process shouldn’t take longer than a few, total hours if you read this guide and prepare ahead of time.

Your main tasks include satisfying:

  • Proof of identification
  • Registration/Title Application
  • Proof of ownership
  • Paying the taxes and fees

…plus, any applicable vehicle testing and disclosures.

You will register and tag your vehicle at a Mississippi Department of Revenue office. Failing to register a vehicle on time can result in late fees unless the vehicle is proven non-operational. The steps for registration vary depending on if the vehicle was purchased through a private party or dealership.

We’ve outlined the Mississippi car registration process, keeping it as easy as possible.

What is Required for Mississippi Vehicle Registration?

You must register a vehicle within 7 days if it was bought through a private sale. Out-of-state drivers will have up to 30 days to register their vehicle once they’ve established residency. You may purchase a temporary tag (good for 7 days) until you’re ready to complete the registration process.

The title and registration are done on-location at a county tax collector’s office.

Proof of insurance is not a requirement when registering your vehicle. Yet, auto insurance is mandatory once you’re on the road – so consider getting it if you plan on driving anytime soon!

Here is how you can title and register a car in Mississippi:

  1. Go to your nearest MS tax office
  2. Provide the vehicle information:
    1. Vehicle title
    2. VIN
    3. Odometer disclosure (if purchased in another state)
  3. File any necessary vehicle registration forms (see here)
  4. Pay your registration fees
    1. Passenger vehicles: $14
    2. MS Road and Bridge Privilege Tax:
      1. Passenger vehicles: $15
      2. Trucks: $7.20
  • Motorcycles: $8

Your plates are then registered to yourself and the vehicle – meaning you cannot transfer standard plates between cars. You may opt for a specialty plate during registration. You may also need to pay ad valorem, sales, and use taxes during the registration – the county clerk will notify you of these fees.

How Much are Vehicle Tags?

When you purchase a car in Mississippi you will need to pay the following fees:

  • Ad Valorem Tax: This tax is based on the value of your property. 
  • Registration Fees: Depending if it’s a renewal or a first-time registration. For first-time registration, it’s $14.00, and $12.75 for registration renewals.
  • Other Taxes and Charges: These other charges are based on the type of car and the value of the vehicle.

Car Insurance Requirement in Mississippi

No, car insurance is not required to register a car in Mississippi. However, to legally drive a car in Mississippi, you must provide proof of insurance.

Set a Reminder for Registration Renewal

You’ll want to mark your calendar or else wait to receive a renewal notice when it comes time. You can check the exact date listed on the registration – so keep this in mind and mark your calendar!

See our MS registration renewal guide for more information when you’re ready.


Finally, the process of registering a vehicle in the state of Mississippi is a simple one that requires only basic paperwork and minimal fees. With this knowledge in hand, you can make sure that your car or motorcycle is registered and on the road legally. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you own a Mississippi-registered vehicle.