Montana Drivers License

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Today, you’ll learn the steps and requirements of getting a Montana driver’s license.

The MT license application will depend on your age and prior knowledge. This article shares a quick overview of the state’s GLP program and applying as an adult.

Montana Graduated Licensing Program (Permit and Provisional)

Montana uses a graduated driver’s license (GDL) program to help first-time drivers learn and practice driving before getting an unrestricted license. MT teens respectful of road laws, practice safe driving, and are willing to pass the GDL requirements will earn their learner’s permit.

The teen can begin applying for their permit given they meet the requirements:

  • 14 ½ years old: Enrolled in a driver’s ed course
  • 15 years old: Completed a driver’s ed course
  • 16 years old: Can apply without driver’s ed

Teens (or adults) will submit their ID, and residency/presence forms, pass tests and pay the licensing fee. Teens get a provisional license after holding their permit for 6-months, logging 50 hours of practice driving, and completing a new application (including a road test).

Hold the provisional for 1 year or turn 18 and it turns into a full license.

Montana Driver’s License: Step-by-Step for 18 Years and Older

Drivers 18 and older can choose to get their learner’s permit to gain valuable behind-the-wheel experience. Otherwise, they should consider a driver’s education course to get this experience before applying as an adult.

Steps to get a full driver’s license:

  1. Visit an MT DMV near you
  2. Provide proof of:
    1. Legal U.S. presence
    2. Identification
    3. MT residency
  3. Pass your tests:
    1. Vision
    2. Written
    3. Driving
  4. Get a photo taken
  5. Pay the licensing fee(s)
    1. 8-year (regular, non-commercial): $41.72
    2. See MT Fee Schedule for specifics

The written test includes questions covering road signs and rules. Consider taking an online practice test if you’re unfamiliar with the subjects.

The DMV driving test verifies adult drivers can show respect for the road.

The driving test includes being able to check for safety, control the vehicle, and obey traffic signs. The test also checks if you can signal properly and observe/communicate your driving abilities.

You may choose to practice your driving skills with a licensed adult. Or, consider taking a driver’s education course providing testing and real-world driving instruction.

Congratulations, You’re an MT Driver!

You’re now a new, proud owner of an unrestricted license! Your license is typically good for 8 years depending on your age. When the time comes, you’ll want to renew your Montana license.

Note: Those unable to control their driving or breaks road laws may face a suspended license. A suspended license is a huge setback, requiring many steps until it’s reissued. So, practice safe driving and always keep your eyes on the road!