Montana Registration Renewal

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The Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) oversees your vehicle’s registration renewal.

You’ll need to complete a renewal before the registration expires to continue (legally) driving. Failing to renew can result in penalties including fines and occurrences like a license suspension or revocation.

You’ll receive a renewal notice before your vehicle’s expiration. Don’t lose the renewal notice as you’ll need it to renew in person and online. The notice shares information about your renewal options. If you haven’t received the notice, contact your local DMV or the registration stickers on your plate(s).

You can renew your Montana vehicle registration:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • By Mail

You may check the status of your license by requesting driver records to see if there are any issues with your vehicle. Given you don’t have restrictions, follow along to complete the renewal process.

Montana Car or Truck Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

To renew your vehicle’s registration in Montana, all you’ll need to do is take a trip down to your local MT DMV. You’ll submit your personal and vehicle information, pay fees, and be on your way. Or, you can choose to use alternative (easier) methods like their online system or mail-in forms.

You will renew your car’s registration on or before the last day of the month after the registration’s expiration month. You may permanently renew a (light) vehicle older than 11 years if you wish. Vehicle inspection and emissions tests aren’t required for the renewal.

If you’ve lost your tags sometime between the renewal you can have them replaced. See our duplicate title guide for more information about this process if it’s a requirement for your renewal. You will also need liability auto insurance when renewing to legally drive on state roads.

In-Person Registration Renewal

Contact your MT DMV if you did not receive a renewal notice to get one.

When visiting an MT DMV office, you’ll:

  1. Present your MT driver’s license
  2. Provide your registration notice
  3. Submit your vehicle information:
    1. Title number
    2. Vehicle number
    3. VIN
  4. Pay the registration renewal fees:

The clerk will process your information and complete the transaction. You’ll receive your new documents by mail in a few days’ time.

Online Registration Renewal

Online renewals are reserved for those who:

  • Qualify for an exemption
  • Have their vehicle information up-to-date
  • Are residents of the same county and state
  • Are not applying for a new license

You will complete this process:

  1. Go to the MT Vehicle Renewal portal
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts
  3. Enter your information (like):
    1. Vehicle number
    2. Title number
    3. VIN
  4. Pay your renewal fees

You’ll receive your new documents in the mail.

Mail-in Renewal

Follow the steps included in your renewal notice to process it by mail. You will include a check or money order for the renewal fees – fees vary (see the fee schedule).

Montana Registration Renewal Fees and Taxes

Your registration has a base 3% administrative fee along with fees assigned by vehicle age and type.

Light vehicles (like cars, pickup trucks, etc.) have these typical fees:

  • 4 years old or less: $217
  • 5 – 10 years old: $87
  • 11 years old and older: $28

Fees also depend on:

  • Registration rate
  • County tax
  • Other registration fees
  • Special plate fees (if you choose)

You will also factor in how long you’ll register:

  • 12-month
  • 24-month
  • Permanent

The permanent registration is for light vehicles 11 years and older. The fees include a base $87.50 registration fee, a $10.30 highway fee, your county tax, and a $10.30 insurance verification fee. Your light vehicle will need yearly registration, though.

Other fees may include the $6 state parks fee, too.

Congratulations, You’re Done!

You’ve completed the Montana vehicle registration renewal.

Keep track of your expiration date by writing it on your calendar. Otherwise, note the next time a renewal notice comes your way sometime next year. Forgoing renewal can land you in trouble with fines and penalties so don’t let this lapse.

Continue practicing safe driving, respect the rules of the roads, and be nice to one another. Happy driving out there in Montana!