Name Change

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If you’ve recently experienced a life event like a marriage, divorce or another special occasion where you need to change your name on official documentation like your driver’s license or state I.D. card, it is important that you act quickly to complete this process. Luckily, this is a fairly simple process and you should receive an updated and functional identification card within several weeks in most US states.

How to Change Your Name with the DMV

First, it is important that you begin the name changing process by updating the Social Security Administration or SSA about the change and obtain a brand new Social Security card. This will help you to make the official name change on other important identification documents like your US passport, driver’s license and other official documents.

Submit the following documents to your local Social Security Administration (either by mail or in person) office to begin the process:

  • Application for a new Social Security card
  • Proof of identity (US passport, state I.D., driver’s license, etc.)
  • Proof of US citizenship or lawful presence (birth certificate, US citizenship certificate, etc.)
  • Reason for name change (marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, etc.)

After the Social Security Administration receives your name change request and proper documentation, they should send you a new Social Security card with the name change to the address you have provided within 14 days.

Driver’s License or State I.D. Name Change

To change the name shown on your driver’s license or state identification card, you may need to visit your local DMV in person and complete the following:

  • Submit a completed application for that corresponds to the type of identification card you need to update
  • Show proof of your Name, Identity, legal US presence and date of birth
  • Present Proof of residence (credit card statement, utility bill, rental or lease agreement, etc.)
  • Social Security card
  • Pay the fee for a new license or identification card

Additional Name Change Information

  • If you currently own a car, you will also need to change your name on the title and registration. If you have recently moved, you must also notify the DMV of the change.
  • Certain states have a set amount of time that you have to update them with these changes, so be sure to contact your local DMV for more detailed information.
  • Fees for changing your name on certain official documents can vary greatly, so be prepared for a higher cost depending on which type of driver’s license you hold.