How to Get a New Hampshire Youth Operator’s License

New Hampshire’s provisional license is the youth operator’s license.

Unlike other states, NH does not have a learner’s permit. Instead, teens and new drivers get behind-the-wheel practice while under the supervision of an adult.

The requirements needed before applying for the youth operator’s license include:

  • Be younger than 21 years old
  • Have completedĀ a driver’s education course
  • Got and logged 40-hours of driving experience

Once ready, teens will visit their nearest NH DMV office and do the following:

  1. Submit the DSMV 450 license application
  2. Provide proof of identification
  3. Pass your tests:
    1. Vision
    2. Knowledge
    3. Driving
  4. Pay the $50 licensing fee

Anyone under 18 will also provide their driver’s ed certificate, a signed DSMV 38 authorization certificate (signed by parents or guardian), and their behind-the-wheel log sheet.

About the Road Test

Drivers will make an appointment to take their road test. Usually, the license application and road test will happen the same day depending on when it’s timed. Else, you’ll return the following day to complete your application.

Your behind-the-wheel experience and driver’s education should provide everything needed to pass the road test. Yet, if you need a refresher, consider taking an online practice test for the knowledge and road test.

Driving Restrictions

The youth operator’s license has a few restrictions — including:

  • No driving between 1 AM and 4 AM
  • Can only have as many passengers as seatbelts
  • No more than one person under 25 who’s not immediate family for the first 6 months
    • Unless: Accompanied by a licensed adult over 25 years old

Follow these and the state’s road rules to avoid traffic incidents. Otherwise, you may delay getting your driver’s license! Also, make sure you have NH auto insurance!

Next: Get an Adult Driver’s License

The youth operator’s license expires when you’re 21 years old. At which time, you’ll get your adult driver’s license given you’re in good standing with the state.

Need to know the complete process or apply as an adult? See our New Hampshire Driver’s Licensing Guide for the full details.