Car Registration in New Jersey: Vehicle Registration Guide

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Before you go on the road or highway, make sure your vehicle is properly registered. For NJ residents, visit the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to register a car. The process requires the person registering the vehicle to provide the title, proof of insurance, Social Security Number (SSN), the odometer reading, and payment. Once the NJ MVC receives all the documents, the process is quick.

How to Register Your Vehicle at the NJ MVC?

Once you purchase a car, the registration process will differ according to where you are buying it. That is if you purchase from a dealership, private owner or outer state the registration process will be different.

Car Dealership Vehicles

Car dealers usually submit the documents to the MVC for titling and registration. It is done for both new and used cards. In regards to the sales tax, it is included in the purchase price of the vehicle.

Private Owner Vehicle

If you purchase the car from a private seller, you must register it within ten days before you incur a $25 late fee. Before you visit the NJ MVC, fill in on the reverse side of the title with the seller with the necessary information. Also, include your signature and driver’s license. Once the title is ready, submit the MVC these documents:

  • Title
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of SSN
  • NJ  driver’s license or six points worth of identification
  • Car odometer reading
  • Application for registration (Form BA-49)
  • Sales tax and title fees, $60
  • Vehicle registration fee

All vehicles at purchase time that require inspection must be done before registration.

New Residents of New Jersey

If you are living in New Jersey for at least two months, you must register your vehicle and get an NJ driver’s license. A title transfer is also necessary. To do a transfer title, register an out-of-state car, and get an NJ driver’s license, do the following steps:

  • Show proof of insurance
  • Provide SSN proof
  • Provide your NJ driver’s license if you don’t have an NJ driver’s license, present six points of identification.
  • Give car odometer reading.
  • Submit the title application. If there is a lien on the car, complete Form CS-54 and forward it to the lien holder.
  • Submit the registration application, Form BA-49
  • Pay the fees associated with the title and registration

New Jersey Vehicle Registration for Military Residents

Military Non-Residents

Military members who work in New Jersey but live out of state are not required to register their vehicles. However, they must have a valid registration and insurance.

Active Military NJ Residents

NJ residents who are on active duty are given extensions on their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and inspection requirements. To receive these benefits, the active service member must provide proof of active military status. Once the person is not active anymore, then the rule of registration is applied just it is to all civilians.

Disable Veterans and Medal of Honor Recipients

Veterans with full disability are qualified for free registration in New Jersey. To qualify, you must have:

  • A military disability rating
  • Have one of these disabilities:
    • Loss of a hand(s)
    • Loss of foot (feet)
    • Loss of the use of a hand, foot or both
    • Loss of vision that cannot be corrected

Medal of Honor recipients automatically get free registration.