How to Get a Driver’s License in New Jersey

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You will need a New Jersey driver’s license or valid permit to drive a motor vehicle if you are a state resident. New Jersey uses a graduated driver’s license program, taking participants through a staged process getting their license. This begins at age 16 with a learner’s permit, leading to an examination permit, and eventual probational and full driver’s license.

Those getting their permits and licenses require supervised driving experience for 6 to 12-months between each stage. First-time drivers are expected to respect road rules else forfeit their ability to upgrade their permit and licenses.

In this guide, you’ll learn the final step of the graduated driving program: getting a full, adult driver’s license in New Jersey. Follow along and you’ll soon have unrestricted driving freedom.

The Full NJ Driver’s License: From Examination to Unrestricted

New Jersey’s GDL program has four stages:

  • Student learner’s permit
  • Examination permit
  • Probational license
  • Unrestricted license

Each has requirements starting with driver’s education, vision and knowledge tests, and behind-the-wheel experience. This continues with additional driving instruction and testing as the first-time driver ages and upgrades to new permits or licensing.

Eventually, when the driver turns 21, they can apply for their full license at a DMV. The person will take their final tests, submit their paperwork, pay a fee, and receive their license.

Getting the Examination Permit

  1. Schedule and visit an NJ DMV near you
  2. Provide personal identification
    1. 6-point ID
    2. Proof of address
  3. Complete the Auto Permit Application (Form BA-412C)
  4. Pay the $10 application fee
  5. Pass the vision test
  6. Pass the knowledge test
  7. Get a permit validation
  8. Schedule and do a road test
  9. Practice, then complete the final application

First-time drivers must hold their probational license for 3-months before getting a probational.

Getting the Probational License

  1. Visit your NJ DMV
  2. Complete the Auto License Application (Form BA-208)
  3. Provide your 6-point ID
  4. Pass the MVC driving test
  5. Pay the $6 licensing fee

You will drive with your probational license for 12-months before applying for a full license.

Getting the Full License

  1. Go to your DMV
  2. Complete the Auto License Application (Form BA-208)
  3. Show your license and 6-point ID
  4. Pay the upgrade fee
  5. Get your photo taken
  6. Receive your license


You’re now a new, proud owner of an unrestricted license. This is good for 4-years until you’re ready to renew your New Jersey license. Stay safe on the road!

Note: Those unable to respect road rules & laws may see their license suspended. Are you in this situation? If so, refer to our suspended license guide for more details on how to get it reinstated.