New York DMV Points System: What is It? How does it Work?

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If you’re a driver in New York, it’s important to understand the DMV points system. Points accumulate based on traffic violations and can lead to license suspension if you accrue too many.

In this post, we’ll explain what the points system is, and how it works. We’ll also delve into some of the common violations that lead to point accumulation. By understanding the DMV points system, you can better avoid getting penalized and keep your driving record clean.

What is The New York Point System?

The New York Point System is an insurance pricing system created by the New York State Insurance Department that assigns points to different driving infractions.

Drivers with high accumulations of points, usually from major traffic violations such as speeding or reckless driving may be hit with higher rates, surcharges, and/or suspensions of their driver’s license.

The system rewards drivers who obey the law by giving them discounts and a lower annual premium. Depending on the type of driving offense committed, the NYSID can impose anywhere from two to eleven points; points accumulated in a three-year period eventually expire, but not until after the driver has paid any fines related to their incident.

Ultimately, The New York Point System reinforces safer driving habits and encourages responsible road users by making it more expensive for drivers to flaunt traffic laws.

How Much Points for an Offense?

New York drivers know that getting points for an offense can put their license in danger. How many points you receive depends on the severity of the violation. Every driver starts out with 0 points and minor offenses will only add a certain number of points to your record.

Most of the time, moving violations such as passing a red light or speeding will add three to four points, and speeding more than ten miles per hour over the limit could get you six points.

More serious infractions like reckless driving can warrant up to five points while driving under the influence can add up to 11 total points. Excessive speeding will cause your license to be suspended after you accumulate 11 or more driver records within 18 months; if you have less than 18 months before your license expires, then it’s an automatic suspension after 8 or more points.

NYS Driving Point Chart