New York Teen License: How to Get a Provisional License

New York Teen License Guide
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New York uses a graduated driver licensing (GPL) program to help teens learn driving responsibility through practice. This program begins at age 16 with a learner’s permit. The next stage will have the teen earning their provisional license.

Follow along to understand what’s needed when applying for your junior’s driving permit in NY.

Get a New York Provisional License

Teens hold their learner’s permit for 6 months. This gives them plenty of time to gain the 50 hours of required driving experience. With the driving requirements met and parent/guardian signature(s), teens may apply for their provisional/junior permit.

Note: Those 17 and older may get a Driver Education Certificate of Completion, and parental consent, to jump right into their provision for an adult driver’s license.

A driver education course is not required but recommended as it allows the teen to bypass the written test.

Teens will need to complete a pre-licensing class before application.

Provisional Licensing Requirements

  • Age 16+ or have held their learner’s permit for 6 months
  • Complete the Application for a Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID (MV-44)
  • Passed an educational program
    • Written test
    • Approved driver’s education course
  • Provide proof of identity
    • ID card
    • Social Security Card
    • High School Diploma
  • Pass a vision test and submit the Vision Test Report (MV-619)

It’s recommended you make an appointment with your local DMV (browse our NY DMV directory). Call the (518) 402-2100 number to make this appointment.

Preparing for the DMV Driving Test

Driving practice is essential to gain experience when you have a learner’s permit. A licensed adult (21+) is required while practicing. The state of New York expects 50 hours of driving practice before they’re doing the DMV (driving) test.

These 50 hours of practice driving should include 15 hours of nighttime driving. And, follow permit rules and restrictions (detailed in the learner’s permit guide). Drivers should do their best to avoid traffic incidents during this time as you may have your license suspended for 6 months.

The “DMV Test” measures:

  • Vehicle and driver safety
  • Motor vehicle control
  • Traffic and signage
  • Signaling

Consider a Driver’s Education course to refine driving skills. This lets you bypass some parts of the provisional license. Plus, may help you gain a better feel for driving!

Take the Driving Test, Get Your License

It’s time to show your driving skills.

Bring the following to your local DMV:

  • Proof of ID/residency
  • Learner’s permit
  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance (minimum)
    • Bodily Injury: $25,000 / $50,000
    • Death: $50,000 / $100,000
    • Property Damaged Cause by One Accident: $10,000
  • Money for taxes and fees

The driving test doesn’t take long.

Passed? You’ll submit:

  1. Behind-the-wheel log
    1. Certificate of Supervised Driving (MV-262)
  2. Proof of driving training
    1. Driver’s Education Certificate (MV-285)
    2. Pre-Licensing Certificate (MV-278)
  3. Road test completion note
  4. Payment

The DMV office will take your photo and process your new, provisional license.


Getting Your Adult New York Driver’s License

You’re almost there!

Teens under 17 will continue driving with their provisional licenses. At 17, they can upgrade to an adult license after having passed a driver’s education course.

Your provisional becomes a full license when you turn 18.

Want to know more about the provisional to full licensing? Read our New York Adult License Guide.