North Dakota Learner’s Permit: A First-Time Teen Driver Guide

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As a teen driver, getting your North Dakota Learner’s Permit can be an exciting but overwhelming process. You’ve probably heard stories and advice from your friends and family about the various requirements, tests, fees, paperwork, and forms needed to obtain a permit in North Dakota.

If you’re feeling confused or intimidated by this task at hand, don’t worry – we have all the information you need to make sure that you feel confident going into the Driver’s License Office with everything required for success. In this guide, we will provide comprehensive insight into every stage of securing your license – from studying for knowledge tests to validation requirements once submitted.

Requirements for Learner’s Permit

  1. ND Drivers License Site, You can either visit one of the locations and apply in person or take the knowledge test online.
  2. To get a North Dakota Learner’s Permit, you need to show documentation that verifies both your identity and address.
  3. To apply, make sure to provide your physical address in North Dakota as it is a requirement for all applications in the state.
  4. If you are applying for a permit, license, or identification card, you need to provide your social security number.
  5. The Social Security Administration will verify social security numbers.
  6. The driver’s license or identification card number will not be the same as the social security number.
  7. To pass the Rules of the Road knowledge test, you need to study and answer the questions correctly.
  8. An Online Study Guide is available.
  9. Pass a vision test.
  10. To obtain a learner’s permit, individuals under 18 must have a sponsor’s signature for approval and financial liability.

What do I need to study for my learner’s permit?

To get a North Dakota Learner’s Permit, you need to pass the Rules of the Road knowledge test.

ND Drivers License Sites The package includes multiple copies of the Rules of the Road manual.

The Online Manual is also available.

The North Dakota Teen Drivers site Another site that can assist with permit preparation is available.


To obtaining a North Dakota learner’s permit is an important milestone for anyone wanting to learn to drive. By following the steps outlined in this post, aspiring drivers can feel more confident and well-equipped in their efforts to gain the skills necessary to become safe drivers and help protect themselves and others on the road.