How to Request Your Ohio Driving Records?

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If you need to obtain your personal driving records in Ohio, you will have to pay a visit to the Ohio BMV. Your driving record provides a history of all your violations, accidents and tickets issued over the past few years. In Ohio, it is officially called an abstract of driving record. It is very similar to a credit report; employers or insurance companies may request your driving records for screening from the BMV for verification purposes.

National Driver Register

Employers can also request your driving abstract from the National Driver Register to check out and see if you have violations in other states. However, this registry does not provide the actual driving records and only lists the names of the states.

Types of Ohio Driving Records

The OMV offers two types of driving records provided in different forms. Here are the types you can get from the BMV and the information that you find on these records:

  • Certified driving record covering the last three years
  • Unofficial, online driving record covering the last two years

Details Found on Your Ohio Driving Record (official abstract)

  • List of driver’s license points received for moving violations
  • All accidents, no matter who was at fault

These specifics stay on your driving records for three years. But your license will be suspended if you accumulate 12 points for moving violations within 2 years.

How to Obtain Ohio Driving Records

To access Ohio driving records, please contact the Ohio BMV in person, by mail, or online and request a copy. During the process, you must provide the required documents and pay the cost associated with the selected option.

How to Order Online:

  • Visit the Ohio BMV online system
  • Have your driver’s license number handy
  • Have the last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Select the driving records you need
  • Pay the $8.50 fee by credit or debit card

How to Order by Mail:

  • Complete Form BMV 1173
  • Check or money order payable to “Ohio State Treasurer” for $5

Mail the documents to:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Attn: BMV Records

P.O. Box 16520, Columbus Ohio


How to Order a Copy for Yourself:

You may order a copy for yourself in person. Visit a nearby Ohio BMV or Deputy Registrar Office and provide a completed Form BMV 1173, Ohio driver’s license or another form of ID, and pay the $5 fee.


These are the three options for ordering driving records from the Ohio BMV. Choose whichever option works best for you, and follow the steps outlined to get your record!  Please note: An additional fee may be depending on which service or delivery option you select. Pay close attention when choosing what type of record you need and any additional fees associated with ordering. Thank you for using DMVConnect! Have a great day!