How to Get an Oklahoma Driver’s License

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The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) oversees the state’s graduated licensing program. This program helps first-time drivers learn driving basics through knowledge testing, behind-the-wheel practice, and real-world experience under the supervision of a licensed adult.

Oklahoma’s GDL program begins at 15 ½ years old, taking the first-time driver through a series of permits and licensing. The teen will practice with a learner’s permit before upgrading to a provisional. The provisional eventually becomes an unrestricted (adult) Class D license with patience and practice.

Adults (18+) wanting to apply for their OK driver’s license can partake in this GDL program. Else, adults can take a series of tests (the same as the GDL program) back-to-back, along with real-world experience.

This guide shares how you’ll get a license in Oklahoma starting from a learner’s permit. It will then cover details of upgrading the permit into a provisional or unrestricted license. The guide also shares what’s required if you’re getting a license when older, as an adult.

You will visit an OK DMV throughout each of these applications.

Getting a Learner’s Permit in Oklahoma

The learner’s permit is available for those age 15 1/2 and residents of the state. The teen will appear before a Driver License Examiner, submitting their application and taking their vision/written tests.

Non-U.S. citizens can apply to get their learner’s permit, too, by providing legal documentation. Out-of-state, first-time drivers can transfer their learner’s if they’re 15 1/2, have a valid permit, and submit permit documents as noted in the steps below.

Teens can begin at 15 years old through a driver’s education program though this is not a requirement to get a permit in the state. This educational program is helpful when applying for the permit, though, as it gives experience needed for later testing by the state.

An adult will accompany you to a local DMV when processing your learner’s permit.

First-time Drivers (Ages 15 ½ with Driver’s Ed)

  1. Go to the DMV
  2. Show proof of driver’s education
    1. Completed course
    2. Enrolled in a course
  3. Show proof of identification
    1. Primary (e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport)
    2. Secondary (e.g. Photo ID, Driver Training form (DPS 300))
    3. Social Security Number
  4. Show proof of school enrollment
  5. Pass the testing
    1. Written
    2. Vision
  6. Pay the fees
    1. Permit application: $4
    2. License fee: $38.50
    3. Retest fee: $4

First-time Drivers (Ages 16 – 18 without Driver’s Ed)

Teens that forgo a driver’s education program can apply for their learner’s permit at 16. The required documents and fees are the same as noted above – minus proof of driver’s education course.

Those 18 and older will submit their proof of identification and pass the required test. They do not have to submit driver’s education completion or proof of school enrollment. Drivers 18 and older can hold their permit for up to 30 days before applying for their full driver’s license.

About the Written Test

You will take a knowledge test during the application. This test examines your ability to acknowledge and answer road safety questions. We recommend reviewing your OK driver’s manual or use online practice tests from approved third-parties to improve your passing chances.

Pass these requirements and you can drive with a qualified parent, guardian, or driving trainer. This will let you gain the valuable behind-the-wheel experience needed when upgrading to a provisional.

Behind-the-Wheel Experience (Requirement for Licensing)

Getting behind-the-wheel experience is a requirement for those going through the GDL program.

Requirements include:

  • 50 hours of total driving experience
  • 10 hours of total experience driven at night

A licensed adult (21+) must always accompany the driver during this behind-the-wheel experience.

Next up is…

Getting a Provisional License in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s GDL program includes a provisional license. Those in the program typically begin upgrading to a provisional when they turn 16 and pass requirements like driver’s ed, behind-the-wheel experience, and has held a learner’s for at least 6 months (with a clean driving record).

What are the steps to upgrade an Oklahoma learner’s permit to a provisional license?

  1. Make an appointment to take your road test
  2. Show your learner’s permit
  3. Provide your Affidavit of Driver Training (DPS 300)
    1. Parent/Guardian present or signed and notarized form
  4. Show proof of ID
    1. Primary
    2. Secondary
  5. Pay the fees
    1. Application fee: $4
    2. License fee: $38.50

Note: Provide the vehicle’s registration and proof of insurance when taking the road test.

You are now free to drive on your own between 4:30 AM and 9:00 PM. Otherwise, a parent or guardian must be present during the off-hours. You can only have up to 1 non-family passenger during this time.

Getting an Unrestricted License in Oklahoma

Those holding a provisional can upgrade to an unrestricted license when they meet the criteria.

Criteria include:

  • Held their provisional for at least 6 months (free from traffic incidents) with driver’s ed
  • Be 18+ and held their learner’s permit for at least 30 days (plus passed all tests/requirements)
  • Have a license from another state (or country) and surrender it to the OK DPS

Here are the steps you’ll take to get a new driver’s license and an Oklahoma adult:

  1. Go to the DMV
  2. Submit your personal information:
    1. ID with SSN
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Passport
  3. Submit your proof of residency:
    1. Utility bill
    2. Insurance policy
    3. Bank statement
  4. Pass the tests & exams:
    1. Vision
    2. Knowledge
    3. Road
  5. Pay the licensing and $4 application fee
    1. 61 and younger: $38.50
    2. 62 years old: $21.25
    3. 63 years old: $17.50
    4. 64 years old: $13.75
    5. 65 and older: Free

You will take a road skills test when applying, testing your ability to control the vehicle and practice safe driving. The driver’s education course and behind-the-wheel experience should have provided ample training before this test. Yet, you can retake the test after 30-days if you should fail the 3rd time.

Pass these requirements and the unrestricted license is yours!


You’ve completed your journey in getting an Oklahoma driver’s license. You began with a learner’s permit, upgraded to a provisional license, and finally got unrestricted privileges. Before you know it, you’ll have tons of driving experience and need to renew your OK license! When it comes the time, see our license renewal guide.

What’s next? Consider registering a vehicle in your name.

You’ll want auto insurance during the registration and throughout your time on the road. Check with local insurance providers or use our OK insurance guides for full details!