Other Arizona Registrations: Motorcycles, Boats, and More

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Those wanting to register a motorcycle, boat, or something else will complete the steps for other Arizona registrations which we detail in this guide. Getting these items titled and registered is essential if you take them on state roads, waterways, and in-between.

Follow along in the sections below for your vehicle type.

Registering a Motorcycle in Arizona

Motorcycles follow a mainly similar process as car registration. You will need to get Arizona auto insurance before its registration.

Registering a new motorcycle in Arizona:

  1. Submit your out-of-state plates or current title and registration
    1. Or: Power of attorney and original lien clearance if leasing
  2. Complete a Title and Registration Application (96-0236)
  3. Show proof of AZ auto insurance
  4. Pay the fees:
    1. Registration: $9
    2. Air quality research fee: $1.50
    3. Vehicle License Tax (VLT)

Dealerships will provide the state with the cycle’s title. Else, complete a title transfer, create a bill of sale, and pay application fees when registering the motorcycle. Out-of-state motorcyclist will provide their title & registration during this process, then follow the same steps.

Registering a motorcycle bought from a private sale involves:

  1. Get motorcycle insurance
  2. Complete the title/registration application
  3. Submit the notarized title
  4. Pay any lien release fees
  5. Pay the registration fees and taxes

Congratulations, you’ve registered a motorcycle in the state of Arizona.

Registering a Boat in Arizona

Arizona requires you to register boats if they are gas-powered or powered by an electric vehicle. The exemptions to this rule are if it’s a lifeboat, doesn’t have a motor, is part of the U.S. Coast Guard, or if it’s not used beyond 90 days (though must have a current boat registration).

New registration steps:

  1. Complete the Application for Arizona Watercraft Certificate of Number (1532)
  2. File a bill of sale including details like:
    1. Buyer/seller names
    2. Vessel length
    3. Hull ID
    4. Manufacturer
    5. Purchase price
    6. Sales tax
  3. File a manufacturer’s statement of origin
  4. Pay the registration fees

Used registration steps:

  • Complete the same steps as above
  • You won’t file the manufacturer’s statement of origin
  • You will include the current registration from the prior owner

Fees for residents range from $20 (12ft or less) to $66 (64ft 1in and over). Non-residents will pay $100 to $495 for the registration fees. You may also need to pay a $13 transfer fee, $8 for a duplicate decal, and/or an $8 duplicate certificate.

Most boat registration is for 7 to 18 months. When needed, return to renew the boat registration after you’ve received the renewal notice. Congratulations, you’ve registered a boat in the state of Arizona.

Registering a Trailer in Arizona

Trailers are registered whether they’re for personal or commercial use. The weight of the trailer is also a factor in its registration. You can register a trailer for regular or permanent registration.

Permanent registration details include:

  • Noncommercial trailers with a declared gross weight of 10,000lbs or less
    • $125 registration fee (reduced to $75 if converting commercial to noncommercial)
    • One-time fee and PERM license plate tab
    • No annual billing
  • Trailers with a declared gross weight of 10,000lbs or more
    • $800 registration fee
    • The fee reduces to $500 if registered in another state, the model year is less than 6 years old

Travel/camper trailers, commercial trailers under 10,000 lbs, and historic trailers are not eligible for permanent registration. See your local AZ MVD for full details.

Congratulations, you’ve registered a trailer in the state of Arizona.