Other Vehicle Registration in Illinois: Motorcycles, ATV, Boats, and More

Illinois Motorcycle Registration
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Registering other vehicles in Illinois is a similar but different process from cars & trucks. Motorcycles have their own set of documents, requirements, and fees. This is the same for off-road vehicles, boats, mopeds, and the like. However, this process isn’t difficult.

Follow along with each section depending on the other vehicle registration you need.

Motorcycle Registration

Motorcycles follow a process like car registration.

The Illinois SOS recommends you take a trip down to a local DMV office with the seller to smooth the title transfer and registration.

You should register and pay fees on your motorcycle within 20 to 30 days of its purchase – then:

  1. Get motorcycle insurance
  2. Have your motorcycle license
  3. Complete a:
    1. Application for Title or Registration (VSD 190)
    2. Tax Form (RUT-50)
    3. Motorcycle title
      1. Signed by buyer/seller
      2. Applicable odometer statement
    4. Pay the $41 registration fee
    5. Pay any other taxes/fees
      1. $25 private property use tax
      2. County residence
      3. Purchase price

Dealerships will provide the state with the cycle’s title. Else, complete a title transfer, get the bill of sale, and pay fees when registering the motorcycle from a sale. Out-of-state motorcyclists will provide their registration and plate details – but largely follow the same process.

You may apply for motorcycle registration by mail including the same items. Then, send your information and payment to:

Secretary of State

Vehicle Services Department

501 S. 2nd St., Room 014

Springfield, IL 62756

ATV and Snowmobile Registration

You’re free to use an ATV throughout the state of Illinois if you have its title. You do not need to register the vehicle, though. But, will need a public access sticker when using the ATV in public parks.

Note: You’re restricted from driving your ATV on roads and highways.

Snowmobiles have a similar set of restrictions requiring registration. Plus, liability insurance if you’re taking them on public trails.

Do the following:

  1. File the Snowmobile Registration Application (IL 422-0614)
  2. Pay the $45 registration fee

Send the snowmobile information and payment to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Boat Registration

Illinois requires title registrations for all boats unless they’re operated by the government, lifeboats, or non-powered like kayaks.

What you’ll need

  1. Watercraft Registration/Title Application (IL 422-0321)
  2. Proof of ownership
    1. Bill of sale
    2. Title and registration or Certification of Origin
    3. Notice of Lien (IL 422-0329)
  3. Proof of ID
  4. Title/registration fees

You’ll file these items and pay fees at your local Department of Natural Resources. Fees typically range from $28 – $210 with other fees if renewing or replacing titles during the process.