Passport Fees

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Is it time to get a passport? Or renew your expired passport? There are plenty of things you must take into consideration before you start the process. One of the most important is the cost. The cost varies if it is your first time getting a passport, or if you are getting one for the second time. Also, if you are an adult or a minor, the costs are different.

Now, the fees, which include the application and execution, the State Department charge will not change. What increases the cost of a passport is the service you require to get the passport. There are two options when it comes to processing of the application. The first is routine or standard which is the cheaper to the two. The second is expedited which can be very expensive. The latter option is more for emergencies.

Passport Acceptance Facilities

Routine Services and Fees

When you visit the post office, county clerk’s office, or a public library, you can use their routine service. With this service, you submit your application, supporting documents, and fee. The price you pay includes the application fee ($110.00) and the execution fee ($35.00). Together, this is the cost of an adult passport. For a minor, the application fee ($80.00) and the execution fee ($35.00) is less compared to an adult.

With this service, the processing time takes between 4-6 weeks. It can take up to 8-weeks for multiple reasons. Once the process is complete, the new document will be mailed out to the address on the application.

You can use the same service if you are reapplying because you want to renew, replace a lost, stolen, or damaged passport. The cost under these circumstances is the same as the fee. There is no execution fee; therefore, an adult will pay $110.00 and a minor $80.00. If a passport is older than 15-years, then you must reapply as if you are doing so for the first time. So, the cost will be $145.00 for an adult passport.

Expedited Services and Fees

At some of these acceptance facilities, expedited services are also available. The cost to expedite an application will include the application, execution, and expedited fees. So, you will pay $110.00 for an adult or $80.00 for a minor for the application fee, $35.00 execution fee per person, and $60.00 expedited fee per application. Hence, an adult application will cost $205.00 and a child application will cost $175.00.

Expedited services decrease the time your application gets process. It is likely to be processed in 2-3 weeks. Again, the process can prolong by circumstances we can or cannot control. You can also use this option to renew a passport. The cost will be a little less. The execution fee is not included, so an adult will pay $170.00 and a child $140.00.

Rush or Same Day Services and Fees

An emergency can leave with a few options when it comes to getting a passport. For circumstances like this, there are private expeditors or Regional Passport Agencies that can assist in getting a passport in 24-48 hours. However, the cost will reflect how quick you need your traveling document.

Private Passport Expeditors

Private expeditors can be found throughout the city, county, and state. These expeditors will charge the application and execution fees, overnight delivery fees, and the fee for their service. The service fee can start from $119.00 for 8-14 business days for delivery to $349.00 for the same day delivery. So, it will cost you $494.00 which include the application, execution, and service to get a passport the same day. It is best to check with the expeditor for the cost. One advantage of using this service is you do not need an appointment to see an expeditor.

Regional Passport Agency

There are only 26 Regional Passport Agencies in the entire United States. For the reason, some states do not have one and so you must travel to the nearest one for an interview. To get an appointment, call the National Passport Center and you will get a time and place to visit.

The cost for a passport if you use a Regional Passport Agency is not much less than a private expeditor. To get the most accurate information about the cost, contact the nearest agency and ask about the fees.

Unlike the private expeditor, a passport agency requires an appointment and sometimes you will need to travel further away to see an agent. However, with both services, you will get a passport sooner than going to a post office, county clerk’s office, or a public library but pay more for a new document.