Pennsylvania Driver’s License: Step-by-Step

Pennsylvania Drivers License
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The state of Pennsylvania uses a graduated driver licensing program (GPL) starting at age 16. The first stage is the learner’s permit followed by a provisional license. Those having met the driving requirements or are 18+ can move on to getting their adult license.

This guide will share what is required – and the steps you’ll take – when getting an adult license in Pennsylvania state.

How to Get a Pennsylvania License

Those having:

  • 17 ½ and held a provisional license for 1 year
  • 18 and over

…can apply for a driver’s license or consider a REAL ID (see PA’s guidelines). There are several driver’s license types in PA, but this section is for Class C (your average license in Pennsylvania).

Here is what you’ll do when applying for a PA license (in full):

  1. Schedule and visit a local PA DMV office
  2. Provide a valid learner permit or provisional license
  3. Provide your accompanying driver’s valid license
  4. Provide the completed Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C) if under 18
  5. Show proof of insurance
  6. Pass the road test
  7. Pay the application fee
  8. Get your driver’s license

The DMV driving test verifies adult drivers can:

  • Check for safety
  • Control the vehicle
  • Obey traffic signs
  • Signal properly
  • Observe and communicate

Practice makes perfect so be sure to do a combination of the day driving, night driving, and driving in inclement weather!

Submitting the paperwork and passing the tests will award Pennsylvania residents with a license.

The first driver’s license is valid for 4 years giving lots of time until you renew your PA license.

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Find a Local DMV Location in Pennsylvania

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