Pennsylvania DUI Laws, Limits and Penalties

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If you or someone you know is facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania, you are likely wondering about Pennsylvania DUI laws and the penalties that come with them. Learning about the law gives you an idea of what you should expect as you move forward.

You will also arm yourself with the information you need to make the best choice for your situation. Either way, those facing DUI charges must contact a DUI defense attorney if they want to reduce the damage and protect their future. This post explores Pennsylvania DUI penalties and answers common questions.

First Offense

In Pennsylvania, the police can charge you with a DUI if your blood-alcohol content is .08 percent or higher. You won’t need to worry about a suspended license for your first offense, but you could get up to six months of probation and a fine of $300.

The court could also force you to take a driver safety course that explains the possible fallout of drinking and driving as well as other unsafe driving habits. You will need to take alcohol and drug treatment to reduce your odds of violating this law in the future.
Second Offense

The penalties get a bit more serious on your second DUI PA, prompting a license suspension of up to one year. You could even find yourself facing between five days and six months behind bars if you are convicted.

In addition to imposing safety training and alcohol treatment, the court will put an ignition interlock on your car for one year. The fallout of a second offense can impact you in many other ways, such as job loss and relationship trouble. Not being able to drive hinders your life and makes it hard to maintain your daily obligations.

Third Offense

Facing your third DUI PA presents you with a second-degree misdemeanor and a one-year license suspension. You will encounter a minimum jail sentence of between 10 days and two years, a trap into which you don’t want to fall if you value your future and freedom. As with the other offenses, you will need to attend highway safety training and seek mandatory drug or alcohol treatment. To prevent you from driving while you are under suspension, the court will put an ignition lock on your car.

Under 21 DUI

The Pennsylvania DUI penalties are a lot harsher if you are under 21 when convicted. For your first offense, you will lose your license for up to 90 days, and your second offense will earn a suspension of one year. If the police charge you with a third DUI offense while you are under 21, you will lose your driving privileges for two years.

Final Thoughts

Getting a Pennsylvania DWI can make your life that much more challenging, and each PA DWI you get after the first creates even more trouble. Now that you know about Pennsylvania DWI law and what can happen, you understand the importance of avoiding the charges in the first place. If you are facing charges and need help moving forward and safeguarding your rights, enlisting a PA DWI lawyer is the only smart call.