Pennsylvania License Renewal: A How-to Guide

Pennsylvania License Renewal Guide
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Pennsylvania DMV will send an Invitation to Renew (DL60A/DL60R) 3 months before license expiration. It’s important you renew as soon as possible to avoid a lapse in your driving privileges.

You can renew your non-commercial license 6 months before or after expiry. Your new license will last for 4 years, or if you are over 65 you have the option of a 2-year renewal.

The renewal process isn’t difficult. This guide shares how each method is done.

Pennsylvania License Renewal Methods

Registration renewal in PA is available via:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Mail

Online, in-person, and mail renewals are available if the driver has a still-valid license. A license must be renewed in-person if it’s been suspended, lost, or became expired because you’ll need to retake the various tests done prior during license registration.

Important Note

You are eligible to renew online as long as:

  • You have a non-commercial driver’s license
  • Your license is valid (less than 6 months after expiry)
  • Your information is current
  • You don’t have a Without Photo Driver’s License

How to Renew Your PA License

Ready to renew your driver’s license? You’ve got options:

Renewing Online

Renewing online is the easiest option:

  1. Visit the Pennsylvania DMV website
  2. Fill in your personal and license information
  3. Confirm the details and pay the renewal fee

You should receive your new license in a few weeks by mail.

Renewing In-Person

Take a trip to your local office (click to find the nearest PA DMV), and:

  1. Bring and submit your renewal notice (DL60A/DL60R)
    1. Or submit: Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application For Renewal (DL-143)
  2. Provide your driver’s license and ID
  3. Pay the renewal fee

You will receive the license on-the-spot.

Renewing by Mail

Mail renewal follows the same online process but slower.

  1. Gather your renewal notice (DL60A/DL60R), ID, license, and application
    1. Or submit: Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application For Renewal (DL-143)
  2. Pay the renewal fee

You should receive your license in a few weeks.

License Renewal Fees for Pennsylvania State

  • Four-Year Class C License Renewal: $30.50
  • Two-Year License Renewal (age 65+): $20.00
  • Four-Year Commercial Driver’s License Renewal: $94.50

Extra fees and taxes may apply by county with most credit cards are accepted.

Check or money order is required for mail-in renewals.