How to Renew Your Car Registration in Louisiana?

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If you want to continue driving in Louisiana and elsewhere, you must renew your car’s registration every two years. This process takes place at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles and shouldn’t take long if you have your documents and payment ready.

You should receive a renewal notice a few weeks before your vehicle’s expiration.

Louisiana Car or Truck Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

The renewal notice covers information like your VIN, expiration date, plate number, and associated fees you’ll pay when renewing. If you didn’t get a notice, you can check with your local OMV but don’t expect to get a notice since they only provide it once.

You can renew your vehicle’s registration:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • By Mail

Failing to renew your car’s registration can result in penalties. Given your license isn’t suspended, or you fail to meet other requirements – use the sections below to complete the renewal steps.

Vehicle Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

It’s your responsibility to get auto insurance when renewing your registration. You don’t technically need insurance when renewing but don’t expect to drive without it.

Likewise, depending on your vehicle, you may need to complete a safety and emissions test before, during, or after the renewal. It’s best to check with the Louisiana State Police for details regarding these tests. Inspections are carried out and sent to your local OMV.

Got these covered? Great! Let’s get your registration renewed:

Renewing In-Person

Rather handle business face-to-face? Can’t renew online because you don’t meet the requirements? Follow the steps below:

  1. Find and visit an LA OMV
  2. Provide your information:
    1. Driver’s license or ID
    2. Renewal notice or current registration
  3. Show proof of insurance (if needed)
  4. Pay the renewal fees

You’ll get your plate sticker and registration after completing these steps.

Renewing Online

Online renewals are reserved and noted on the notice you should have received. The notice shares an ID# you’ll use with the renewal portal. If you don’t have this ID then do an in-person renewal, instead.

  1. Visit ExpressLane
  2. Type in your renewal ID#
  3. Select your vehicle year
  4. Verify your information
  5. Pay the renewal fee(s)

Print your receipt, as this acts as a temporary registration until the permanent one arrives in the mail.

Renewing by Mail

The mail-in renewal acts like online – needing a renewal notice to complete the process. You’ll file the renewal, include copies of your ID/license, and include a money order or check.

This information goes to:

Office of Motor Vehicles

P.O. Box 64886

Baton Rouge, LA 70896

It will take a few weeks to receive your new documents in the mail.

Congratulations, You’re Good to Go!

You’ve completed your LA vehicle registration renewal.

Note the expiration date on your forms and plan to redo this process bi-annually. Forgoing the renewal could cause fines and additional penalties. Likewise, drive safe whenever you’re on the road, and don’t forget to carry insurance!