Rhode Island Drivers License Renewal

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The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the Rhode Island license renewal process. The state sends a renewal notice before the license expiration date. Failing to renew your license on time may result in penalties, a need to retake tests, and/or loss of driving privileges if pulled over. You cannot renew your license if it’s expired beyond five years (to which you’ll need to re-apply).

How to Renew a Rhode Island Driver’s License?

Valid Rhode Island license renewals are available via:

  • In-person
  • Online

You can check your license validity and expiration date by requesting driving records. Otherwise, take note of its expiration on the card or if you’ve marked it on the calendar. Or, go to your local DMV and complete the renewal process when it’s appropriate.

The following sections share the step-by-step process to renew your RI driver’s license.

How to Renew Your RI Driver’s License?

A valid RI driver’s license is required if you drive on state roads and highways. Rhode Island auto insurance is a requirement, too, if you plan to operate your vehicle. The renewal process doesn’t take long if you have documents ready and follow the steps below.

You will do the following to renew in person:

  1. Go to an RI DMV location.
  2. Present your RI driver’s license ID document or renewal notice
  3. Submit a completed Application for a License, Identification Card, and Permits (LI-1)
  4. Verify your SSN with a Social Security card
  5. Pay the Rhode Island renewal fees
    1. 5 Years: $61.50
    2. 71 and Older: Pro-rated

Congratulations! You’ve successfully renewed your Rhode Island driver’s license. You’ll receive a temporary license until the permanent one arrives by mail in a few weeks.

Can I Renew My Rhode Island Driver’s License Online?

Rhode Island license renewals are available to those with a valid license that has not expired beyond 180 days.

You will do the following:

  1. Visit Rhode Island’s online renewal portal
  2. Input your information:
    1. License number
    2. Last name
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Zip code
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts
  4. Pay the renewal fees
    1. 5 Years: $61.50
    2. 71 and Older: Pro-rated

Your license should be processed within a few days, and the permanent right will arrive in a few weeks. Keep a copy of your receipt and call the DMV if you haven’t received it after 2 months.

Mail-in Renewals (Out-of-State and Military Members)

Mail-in renewals are available for Rhode Island residents currently living outside of the state and aren’t returning before their license expires. The renewal has several requirements and generally takes longer than an online renewal.

Requirements to renew by mail include the following:

  • Filing an Eye Examination
  • Filing the Application for a License
  • Provide proof of ID
  • Payment for the renewed license

You will send this information to the following:

Division of Motor Vehicles

600 New London Ave

Cranston, RI 02920

The license is good for two years until you return to Rhode Island.

How Much Does it Cost for a Rhode Island License?

LicenseType of TransactionCost
Duplicate License$27.50
First License (age 18 and older)$39.50
License Renewal (5 years)$62.50
License Renewal (age 71, 4 years)$50.50
Limited Provisional License (under age 18)$24.50
Motorcycle License$27.50
Duplicate Permit$12.50
Permit Instructional (age 18 and older)$7.50
Permit Limited (under age 18)$12.50
Permit Motorcycle$27.50
Road Test$27.50

Transfer License (out of state)
Update License$27.50
License Renewal (age 72, 3 years)$38.50
License Renewal (age 73 or 74, 2 years)$26.50
License Renewal (age 75 and above, 2 years)$22.50

Become a Better Rhode Island Driver

Looking for more information and guides to become a better Rhode Island driver? Check out our RI DMV topics, browse our DMV directory, or participate in the community.

You can renew your Rhode Island vehicle license online, by mail, or in person. All you need is your renewal notice and a credit or debit card if you have any questions about the process.

Can I Go to RI DMV without an Appointment?

Rhode Island DMV requires drivers to schedule an appointment at the nearest DMV location for license renewal.

Can Immigrants Get a Drivers License in RI?

Undocumented immigrants residing in Rhode Island can now legally drive if they apply for a driver’s privilege card. The Rhode Island DMV administrator, Bud Craddock, stated that the issuance of driver’s privilege cards will ensure that these individuals can safely operate a motor vehicle on the roads of Rhode Island.