Rhode Island Vehicle Registration Renewal

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The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees your registration renewal.

You’ll need to complete a renewal before the registration expires to continue (legally) driving. Failing to renew can result in penalties, fines, and occurrences like a license suspension or revocation. A vehicle with an expired registration beyond 90 days may require a complete registration again.

You’ll receive a renewal notice before your vehicle’s expiration. The notice shares information about your renewal options. If you haven’t received the notice, realize that non-commercial vehicles are renewed every two years (with commercial vehicles renewed annually).

You can renew your Rhode Island vehicle registration:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • By Mail

You may check your license status by requesting driver records to see if there are any issues with your vehicle. Given you don’t have restrictions, follow along to complete the renewal process.

Rhode Island Car or Truck Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

To renew your vehicle’s registration in Rhode Island, you’ll need to take a trip down to your local RI DMV. You’ll submit your personal and vehicle information, pay fees, and be on your way. Or, you can choose to use alternative (easier) methods like their online system or mail-in forms.

Every vehicle must get an inspection every two years before the renewal.

Vehicle owners in Barrington, Central Falls, Exeter, and Warren will need to pay their vehicle property tax before they can renew, too. Those living in these locations cannot renew online, either.

In-Person and Mail-in Registration Renewal

The in-person and mail-in renewal process is the same.

You will:

  1. Gather your registration renewal notice
  2. Write a check to cover your renewal fees
    1. Passenger vehicle (under 4,000lbs): $45
    2. Truck/tractor (under 4,000lbs): $49
  3. Visit an RI DMV location (find one here)
  4. Drop off your information in the drop-box

You will repeat this process – by mail – by sending your information to:

Division of Motor Vehicles

Registration Renewal

600 New London Ave.

Cranston, RI 02920

You may also drop off your information at a local AAA office (if you remember).

Online Registration Renewal

Online renewals depend on the following:

  • Your license plate type (see the requirements)
  • If you live in Barrington, Central Falls, Exeter, or Warren

To renew online, you will visit the RI DMV website and input your personal information, license plate number, registration or notice details, and insurance policy info, and process your payment. You should receive your renewed documents within a few weeks by mail.

Rhode Island Registration Renewal Fees and Taxes

The Rhode Island vehicle-renewal rates depend on the following:

  • Vehicle weight
  • Type of license plate

See the state’s Fees Chart for a complete breakdown of what you can expect to pay. Registrations can run anywhere from $45 for a passenger vehicle to nearly $1000 for a heavy vehicle.

Congratulations, You’re Done!

You’ve completed the Rhode Island vehicle registration renewal.

Keep track of your expiration date by writing it on your calendar. Otherwise, note the next time a renewal notice comes your way sometime next year. Forgoing renewal can land you in trouble with fines and penalties, so don’t let this lapse.

Continue practicing safe driving, respect the rules of the roads, and be nice to one another. Happy driving out there in Rhode Island!