South Carolina Traffic Tickets: Fines, Violations, and Penalties

Committing traffic violations in South Carolina will lead to traffic tickets. To satisfy each traffic ticket, you must pay the SC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the fine. Some traffic tickets carry more penalties than just a fine. You may need to pay surcharges, take drug and alcohol courses, and worse case, suspension, revocation, or cancelation. All these will depend on the type of ticket you receive.

SC Traffic Tickets Fines & Penalties

The fines associated with traffic tickets varies. Less severe violations carry lower fines while more severe infractions carry higher fines. Verify the fine you must pay on your ticket before you attempt to pay. Also, look for the date of payment and the form of acceptable payment.


If you don’t pay your traffic ticket on time, surcharges are added unto the current fine. You may be able to avoid some surcharges by paying your penalty on time. Other surcharges that are given because of a DUI, you cannot avoid and must be paid. Surcharges that are stem from a DUI is usually paid annually and up to 3 years.

SC Driving Record

Points are associated with a ticket. When you receive a ticket and pay the fine, points go on your SC driving records. Too many points in a short time can get you a suspension. Severe violations that carry plenty of points can also lead to a suspension. Points can remain for a long time on your driving records. Having points, in general, can result in a high insurance premium.

SC Traffic Tickets & Payment

In South Carolina, the DMV provides different options to pay for traffic tickets. Traffic tickets you receive from minor infractions can be settled quickly. You can pay your traffic tickets:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person

To pay online, you must visit the SC DMV website and create an account. You can then enter the ticket information and pay with a credit or debit card. You will receive confirmation right away.

To pay by mail, call your county court or check the ticket for the steps to pay by mail. Paying by mail will require a check or money order to complete the transaction. The DMV will notify you of the payment in a few days.

You can also stop the nearest DMV and present your SC driver’s license and the ticket to pay. You can pay with a credit or debit card as well. Some DMV office accepts cash as payment. Verify this information before you go.

Fighting Your SC Traffic Ticket

You have the choice to fight your ticket. To challenge your ticket, appear in court and plead not guilty. The court will assign you a date to present your argument. It is best if you hire a traffic attorney to represent you at the hearing.

If you are found guilty, the court will require you pay the court fees, ticket fine, and any other charges associated with the process.

Lost Your SC Traffic Ticket

If you cannot find your traffic ticket, you can contact the county court or visit the SC DMV website. Either way will provide the information you will need. Once you have the knowledge, go ahead and pay the fine by any of the available payment options.