South Dakota Registration Renewal

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The South Dakota Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) oversees your vehicle’s registration renewal. You will receive a renewal notice before your vehicle’s expiration. You may also sign up for an email alert in place of the mailer. Renewals depend on the first letter of your last name, so keep track of the renewal date or wait patiently for the notice/email.

 You can renew your South Dakota Vehicle Registration:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • By Mail
  • Self-service Kiosk

You may check the status of your license by requesting driver records to see if there are any issues with your vehicle. Given you don’t have restrictions, follow along to complete the renewal process.

South Dakota Car or Truck Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

To renew your vehicle’s registration in South Dakota, you’ll need to take a trip down to your county treasurer’s office. You can also renew by sending your information by mail, doing it online, or visiting one of the many kiosks.

Vehicle plates are issued based on the first letter of your last name, which coincides with your renewal date – here is when you’ll complete the renewal:

  • A/B – January
  • C/D/E – February
  • F/G/J – March
  • H/I/O – May
  • K/L – June
  • M/N – July
  • P/Q/R – August
  • S – September
  • T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z – November

Ready? Let’s get everything sorted!

In-Person Registration Renewal

Do the following if you want to handle the renewal in person:

  1. Visit an SD licensing office
  2. Provide your SD driver’s license
  3. Show your renewal notice
  4. Pay your renewal fees

Congratulations! You’re good for the roads!

Online Registration Renewal

Online renewals have two main restrictions:

  • Cannot renew online if the registration is expired by more than ten days
  • You’ve recently changed your name/address on file

Good to go? You’ll do the following:

  1. Visit the state’s online portal
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts
  3. Input your information like:
    1. License #
    2. Date of Birth
  4. Pay your registration renewal fees

You should receive your new documents not too long after completing the process.

Mail-in Registration Renewal

The mail-in renewal process is very simple:

  1. Gather your renewal notice
  2. File the form
  3. Include a payment
  4. Send the notice back to your treasurer’s office

This process takes longer but you should receive everything in a few weeks.

Kiosk Registration Renewal

You can renew your registration at a kiosk up to 90 days before its expiration. You also have the chance to renew at these kiosks for up to 12 months. You will locate a kiosk, provide your license or ID, pay your fees, and receive your new registration and plates on the spot.

South Dakota Registration Renewal Fees and Taxes

South Dakota has variable fees depending on the vehicle’s age and weight. Your fees also depend on your month. Check SD’s Non-commercial vehicle license fees chart for a breakdown of what to expect. Or, refer to the truck/trailer fees chart if this is your vehicle type.

You should also expect to pay service and mailing fees like:

  • $1.50 or 2.25% online renewal fees
  • $1.50 or 2.25% self-service kiosk fees
  • $5 postage fee and $1 plate sticker fee for mail-in

Congratulations, You’re Done!

You’ve completed the South Dakota vehicle registration renewal.

Keep track of your expiry date or keep an eye out for the renewal notice sometime next year. Forgoing renewal can land you in trouble with fines and penalties, so don’t let this lapse.

Continue practicing safe driving, respect the rules of the roads, and be nice to one another. Happy driving out there in South Dakota!