How to Pay or Dispute South Dakota Traffic Tickets?

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Those having received a South Dakota traffic ticket have options for handling and paying them.  Drivers have the option to either plead guilty and pay the ticket amount or plead not guilty and dispute it. For those that choose to fight their ticket, they may do so through an in-person hearing or a by-mail process. Drivers can also request traffic school or defensive driving courses as an alternative way to handle their citations.

Whether you plan to contest it, do know that you need to pay the ticket before the due date to avoid extra penalties if you’re not 100% sure you’ll contest it in time. Otherwise, start making your plans now to dispute the ticket and make the appropriate plans.

Usually, this involves one of two things:

  • Plead guilty and pay it
  • Attempt to contest it

Your traffic ticket should contain all the information you need when moving forward. In this guide, you’ll learn your options for dealing with your traffic ticket.

How to Pay Your South Dakota Traffic Tickets?

You should attempt to pay your traffic ticket as soon as possible.

In some instances, an office will allow you to make a deposit on your ticket.

Failing to pay the ticket in time can result in further penalties. This may include a license suspension which, in turn, can cause a slew of charges, from reinstatement fees to insurance renewal fees!

You can pay for your ticket:

  • Online
  • In-person
  • By mail

If you have questions, you should check with your local court to verify your ticket information. Likewise, your traffic ticket will have all the important information you need when moving forward.

To pay online (if you’re eligible):

  1. Visit the Unified Judicial System
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts
  3. Pay the ticket fees

Make sure to print your receipt for record keeping!

Other ways to pay:

If you cannot pay online, you can also pay by mail or in person. Your traffic ticket will detail the court address you’ll either send payment or appear. You’ll also have the contact details on the ticket if you need to call and verify your ticketing information.

How to Dispute South Dakota Traffic Tickets

The court may go lenient on you in some situations. In this case, you may be able to do an approved defensive driving school to mitigate some of the fines and penalties. Or dismiss the ticket entirely.


The process varies by infractions, but you’ll typically have options for reducing or dismissing the ticket. You may also appeal and contest the tickets out-right to which you’ll request the hearing, go through the discovery, show up in court, and react based on what happens during the hearing.

You’ll need to decide on its due date.

Some drivers may be eligible to take a defensive driving course or get their ticket dismissed depending on their ticketing circumstances and how they act in court. A good driving record will help with your appeal and reduce ticket fines and fees.

Hiring a South Dakota Traffic Lawyer

You may want to consider hiring a traffic lawyer in South Dakota.

The professional can provide ample insight and skills to help you (potentially) beat the ticket. Look around your area or use online directories (like ours) to find one. Don’t delay; time is valuable, as you have a limited window to dispute your SD tickets.


Traffic tickets in South Dakota may seem overwhelming but don’t let them get you down. There are multiple ways to challenge your ticket and hopefully get it dismissed or reduced. Prepare for the hearing, know your rights and responsibilities as a driver, and hire a lawyer if necessary. Good luck!