Tennessee License Renewal: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Driver Services will send a notice to renew your TN license about 8-10 weeks before its expiration. Your license expires on your birthday, keep this noted so you’re ready to renew else face consequences.

You have up to 1 year before its expiration to renew your license and 30 days after else you’ll pay a late fee. Renewing your license makes it valid for another 8 years. Call 866-849-3548 if you have questions about your license.

You can renew a Tennessee license via:

  • Online
  • In-person
  • Mail

This guide helps you understand the TN driver’s license renewal steps. Keep reading to understanding which documents you’ll file and fees you’ll pay throughout each process.

How to Renew Your TN Driver’s License

Renewals are available to those with valid licenses.

You cannot renew if it’s suspended or revoked, or you have unpaid taxes, tickets, child support, and traffic violations. You may need to apply for a Tennessee license if you allow it to lapse beyond the renewal period.

Let’s go through the different ways you can get your license valid for another 8 years.

In-person Renewal

Consider making a Tennessee driver’s license renewal appointment with your local TN DMV to make the process quick and easy. Then, do the following when there:

  1. Provide your current license
  2. Take a new photo
  3. Sign your license
  4. Pay the $28 fee

Non-U.S. citizens can provide 2 residency documents when applying to receive a temporary license throughout the duration of their stay in the United States.

Online Renewal

Can you renew TN license online? Yes, it’s the easiest (and preferred) method.

You will do the following:

  1. Visit the TN DMV site
  2. Provide your information
    1. License number
    2. Last 4-digits of your SSN
    3. Mailing address
  3. Pay the $28 renewal fee

The confirmation document acts as a temporary license until you receive the new one. You should receive the permanent license within 2-3 weeks’ time but if delayed, call 615-313-0300.

Mail Renewal

Mail renewal is available if marked by your renewal notice. This process typically takes longer but is simple and perfect for those renewing well-before the expiration date. You will complete the steps detailed on the renewal form.

A Note about Expired Licenses

You’re wondering the, “Can I drive with an expired TN license?”. No!

You will likely receive a hefty fine or face jail time. You’ll also likely have your license suspended or revoked, causing the long, drawn-out process of renewing a suspended TN license.

Find a Tennessee License Office

Need answers to your questions about renewing your TN license? Or, want to do the renewal process in-person? Use our TN DMV Directory to find the nearest licensing office near you!