How to Request Your Texas Driving Records

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There are many reasons a person’s driving record can be requested. In Texas, you can obtain a driving record by contacting the Texas Department of Public Safety. A driver record will have the person’s driving history that may contain violations or tickets issued to the person. Employers or insurance companies can use the information.

Types of Texas Driver Records

The Texas Department of Public Safety provides six kinds of driver records. Each gives information in regards the history of the individual. Below is a better understanding of the data each type provides.

Type 1: Status Record

Type 1 offers information that is more personal which includes:

  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Your Texas driver’s license original application date
  • License status

Type 2: 3-Year History

This type will provide a history of three years of driving. The information given is:

  • All of Type 1 information
  • A list of traffic tickets (if any)
  • All moving or non-moving violations

You can have the 3-Year History certified. By doing so, the certified copy has been used for any official business that may require a copy of a driver record.

Type 3: All Violations and Crashes

Type 3 is available to individuals who wish to have a personal copy of their driving record. The record will include:

  • All Type 1 information
  • All crashes
  • All moving and non-moving violations

You can request a certified copy of Type 3. A certified copy can be used for official business.

Type AR: Certified Complete Abstract

The AR Type is a complete history of the individual driving history. The document will include all three types and up to present.

Who Can Request a Driving Record?

A driver’s record is used for many purposes. If you are shopping for car insurance, most companies will request a copy of your driving record. A clean driving record will likely get you the best insurance premium.

Some employers may also request a copy of your driving records. Most jobs that require driving will include this as part of their requirements.

You can order a copy for yourself as well. Remember, your driving record contains personal information, and by getting a copy, you can verify the information Texas Department of Public Safety is correct.

How to Get a Texas Driving Record

A Texas driving record can be obtained by mail or online. You may select the type you need and pay the fee. However, you must provide proof of identity when you request the document.

Ordering Your Own Driving Record Online

To order your Texas driving record online, you must visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website and provide this information:

  • Driver license number
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number
  • Department of Public Safety Audit Number

You will have the option to print your document online after paying the required fees. Type 1 to Type 3 and Type AR can be obtained online, and you may get a certified copy as well.

Ordering Your Driving Record by Mail

To request the document by mail, first download and complete the form, Form DR-1. Provide all the necessary materials as suggested, and in about three weeks you will have the document. You could request the same documents available if you were doing it online. Keep in mind the fees will vary according to the type of driving record you will apply for. When submitting the form by mail, include your check or money order to:

Texas Department of Public Safety

P.O. Box 149008

Austin, TX 78714

Ordering Another Person’s Texas Driver Record

Some stipulations must be met to request another person’s record. Here is a list of information you must provide:

  • Employer purposes
  • Government purposes
  • The use in regards to vehicle safety operation
  • Research for statistical reports
  • Vehicle ownership

This information is on the form, and you must select the appropriate one that applies.