Texas Vehicle Registration Renewal: Step-by-Step

Texas Car Registration Renewal
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The Texas Department of Transportation dictates drivers must renew their registration annually. Those that forgo their registration renewal may face license suspension, late fees, and/or penalties.

Every driver will receive a renewal notice sharing the renewal details and due date. Texas drivers will need emissions and safety inspections at the time of the renewal, too.

Car Registration Renewal in Texas is Available:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • By Mail

This re-registration does not apply to new out-of-state drivers requiring initial registration. Use the eReminder form if you did not receive this notification.

What’s Needed Before Re-Registering Your Vehicle in Texas?

Collect the following before visiting a local TX DMV office:

  1. Vehicle renewal notice or:
    1. License plate number
    2. Vehicle’s identification number (VIN)
    3. Prior registration receipt
  2. Vehicle insurance
  3. Vehicle inspection certificate

Renewal fees are paid at the time of renewal and vary by county and vehicle type.

How to Renew Your Car’s Registration?

Vehicle re-registration carries similar primarily processes as the initial registration.

These are the specifics when registering through the different options:

Renewing Online

Renewing online is the easiest option:

  1. Visit the county’s renewal page
  2. Fill in your personal information
  3. Enter your vehicle information
    1. Plate number
    2. Last 4-digits of the VIN
  4. Share proof of car insurance and inspection certification
  5. Confirm the details and pay the renewal fee

You’ll receive the registration tag by mail after completing the process.

Renewing In-Person

Take a trip to the local TX DMV with these items:

  1. Renewal notice or:
    1. License plate number
    2. VIN
    3. Prior registration receipt
  2. Proof of auto insurance
  3. Safety/emission inspection (where valid)
  4. Funds for the registration renewal fee

You’re now good for another year!

Renewing by Mail

Mail renewal is available but slower, so it’s best to send early – you’ll include:

  1. Registration renewal form
  2. Copy of auto insurance
  3. The inspection certificate(s)
  4. Payment method (check or money order)

Send the documents to your local county tax office.

It may take up to a month to receive your renewed tag.


Texas residents know their vehicle registration renewal is just a few steps away. Before you start, ensure you have all the required documents for your circumstance. If everything is in order, completing the online or in-person process should be smooth sailing.