Texas Teen License: How to Get a Provisional License

Texas Teen License
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Texas, like other states, use a graduated driver licensing (GPL) program helping teens understand and learn driving responsibility. This GPL program begins at age 15 with a learner’s permit, moving through a provisional (teen) license, and eventually culminating with an adult/permanent license.

This next step in getting a Texas license may seem stressful but it’s easier than you think. Read this guide to understand what’s needed from you.

Get a Texas Provisional License

Teens having held their learner’s permit for 6-months and completed their driver’s education course may apply for their provisional (operators) license at age 16.

Provisional Licensing Requirements

  • Age 16+ or having held their learner’s permit for 6-months
  • Passed an approved driver’s education program
  • Passed the Impact Texas Teen Drivers program
    • ITTD certificate of completion
  • Take a written exam
  • Get and provide insurance
  • Pass the driving test

Walk-ins are welcome, but offices can backup causing long waits. It’s recommended you make an appointment with a local Texas DMV.

About the Texas DMV Driving Test

Driving practice is stressful but essential to gain experience when you have a learner’s permit. First-time drivers have big responsibilities. A licensed adult (21+) is always required, providing guidance. The state of Texas expects 30-hours driving practice before they’re allowed to do the DMV (driving) test.

These 30-hours of practice driving are done during normal hours. The teen driver must respect and obey all traffic rules and laws.

The “DMV Test” measures:

  • Vehicle and driver safety
  • Motor vehicle control
  • Traffic and signage
  • Signaling

Use the time between the learner’s permit and provisional application to practice. Then, explore local Driver’s Education courses to refine driving skills. And, get the certificate needed when applying.

The DMV test is intimidating, no doubt. Calm yourself and go about the test like any day of practice driving. You’re free to retake the driving test with a waiting between.

Take the Driving Test, Get Your License

You will take a driving test on the day of the license application.

Bring the following:

  • Proof of ID/residency
  • Learner’s permit
  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance
  • Money for fees

The driving test doesn’t take long.

Passed? You’ll submit:

  1. Behind-the-wheel log
  2. Proof of driving training
  3. Road test completion note

The DMV office will take your photo and process your new, provisional license.


Getting Your Adult Texas Driver’s License

Those under 18 are on the cusp of their full driver’s license. This gives you plenty of time to continue practicing driving, responsibly.

Your provisional becomes a full license when you turn 18.

What does the license provide? Unrestricted driving!

Be safe when you’re on the road, obey the laws, and you’ll love your time on the Texas roads.