How Do You Replace a Lost Title in Texas?

Texas Lost Title Replacement Guide
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Without your car’s title, you’re restricted from selling and trading. Or using the vehicle as collateral in a loan application. Texas requires you to replace a car title if it is lost, damaged, or stolen. You can get a duplicate title in a few ways. This article will share the options you have.

How Do You Replace a Lost Title in Texas?

You can replace a title in person at a local TX DMV location. A mail-in option is available, too. You’ll need to file the Application for a Certified Copy of Certificate of Title (VTR 34). Once filled out, you must also submit a $5.25 duplicate title fee (in-person) or a $2 fee (mail) when processing the replacement request.

Other items you’ll need include:

  • Driver’s license, ID card, or passport
  • Completed VTR-34 application
  • Letter of signature authority, business card, or agent’s ID from owner/lienholder

You may call 1-888-368-4689 or (512) 465-3000 for any questions about lost or destroyed titles.

Replacing A Title In-Person

Replacing a title in person requires you to:

  1. Locate your local TxDMV office.
  2. File and bring the Form VTR-34
  3. Pay the fee (check, cash, card)

This process shouldn’t take long.

Consider calling ahead to check availability and scheduling options to speed it up.

Replacing a Title by Mail

Replacement and duplicate titles are available through the mail. Provide the VTR-34 form, proof of ID, lien information, and payment (addressed to the regional office).

Vehicle Titled in the Name of a Trust

If the motor vehicle is registered under a trust, the trustee making the application must provide their identification. To verify the authorized trustee(s) to sign, the application should also be accompanied by one of the following documents:

  • Certified or Orginal Copy of Trust Agreement
  • Affidavit of Trust
  • State of Fact of a Trust

Power of Attorney

If the title application is signed with a Power of Attorney, the following must also be provided in addition to the requirements above:

  • Current identification matching the person or employee of the entity named as power of attorney,
  • Acceptable current identification of the owner(s) or lienholder, and,
  • If provided to a business, an original business card or authorization written on the letterhead of an entity named as power of attorney matches the identification of the employee.

Businesses with power of attorney must provide a letter of signature authority on original letterhead, business card or employee ID copy.

Vehicle Titled on a Business Name

“If the motor vehicle is registered under a business, government entity, leasing company, lienholder or organization, then the applicant needs to provide an original business card of the agent or an authorization letter on company letterhead that matches the employee or agent’s identification.

The authorization letter must be signed by someone other than the agent who is signing on behalf of the applicant. This is in addition to the acceptable identification required.”.

Title Updates/Errors

It’s recommended you consider updating personal information when filing for a replacement or duplicate title. This could include an updated name or address.

You will fill the VTR-34 application as required. Fees apply if the mistake was made on your end. The TxDMV will waive fees if it was an error of theirs.