Traffic School

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There are a wide variety of reasons that a driver may choose or be required to attend traffic school. The most common reasons include insurance discounts, traffic ticket reductions or point reductions. These educational courses are also a great resource for drivers who want to improve their driving skills or new drivers.

What is Traffic School or Defensive Driving Courses?

Traffic school may also be known as defensive driving school, depending on your location. This important driver improvement course can help drivers in many different ways including point reduction after a traffic ticket, lowering insurance premiums and an increased confidence on the open road.

Topics typically covered in traffic school include:

  • State specific traffic rules and regulations
  • Dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or while tired
  • Crash statistics
  • Crash prevention skills
  • The importance of vehicle safety equipment
  • And more

Many states offer both traffic school classes and defensive driving courses online and in person so that you can complete the courses at your convenience. However, if taking the class is a court ordered requirement, you may be required to take the class in person in order to receive proper credit and removal of any violations or points.

Drivers Education

Many states may also require drivers education courses for teen drivers. While similar to traffic school, completion of a drivers education course does not typically include point reduction or reduction of fines. However, this valuable course can help teen drivers receive an insurance discount in many states.

Benefits of Attending Traffic School

Traffic school has many great benefits to drivers, even those who choose to take the course without any prior requirements by law. These benefits include:

  • An increase in professional driving opportunities
  • Reduction in car insurance rates
  • Removal of minor traffic tickets from your driving record
  • The removal or negative points against your driving record
  • Increased confidence on the road

Additional Information

  • Traffic schools are available in each US state in a variety of different formats.
  • Defensive driving courses can also have a similar effect on your driving record as traffic school. If you are facing an insurance rate increase after an accident or recent a traffic ticket, defensive driving courses can help to prevent any insurance rate increases.
  • In states that do not allow for point or violation removals, traffic school can still help to lower insurance premiums.