Utah Traffic Tickets: Fines, Violations, and Penalties

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You get a traffic ticket in Utah, and it will cost you. It will also give you points on your Utah driving records. Getting a slew of traffic tickets can suspend your driver’s license for a long time.

Traffic tickets from severe infractions will have more hefty fines and penalties. You get penalized by the Utah Driver License Division (DLD) with administrative penalties and the court with criminal penalties.

Utah Traffic Tickets & Point System

The Utah DLD uses a point system to determine how many traffic tickets you receive. The more traffic tickets you receive, the more points go on your driving record. Here is a list of violations and the points per infraction:

  • Texting: 50 points
  • Running a stop sign: 50 points
  • Running a stop light: 50 points
  • Tailgating: 60 points
  • Speeding over 21 mph above the speed limit: 75 points
  • Reckless driving: 80 points

The list contains a few common violations. Go to the Utah DLD website to see the full list violations.

Paying Utah Traffic Tickets

The cost of a ticket will vary by the type of ticket you receive. You can pay common citations:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • By phone
  • In person

To determine the payment option for your traffic ticket, look at the ticket, and you will find the option on it. You will also see the date for payment. If you pay on or before the date on your ticket, you will avoid a late charge or surcharges.

If you are not sure on the payment option, contact your county court for clarity. You can also check online for the information.

Challenging Your Utah Traffic Ticket

If you want to contest your citation, you can do so on the date you must appear in court. You can enter a not guilty plea and ask for a hearing. If you prefer to have an attorney at the court when you plead not guilty or at the hearing, you can hire one.

Keep in mind that losing at a hearing will result in you paying the ticket fee and any other cost. You may have your license suspended as well.

Lost Your Traffic Ticket?

If you lose your ticket and are not sure when to pay or how much to pay, contact the county court. You must give your personal information and as many details on the ticket.

You can also check online for the ticket information. To check online, you must have an account. Once you have one, you can put in your personal information wait for the response.

Reinstate Your Utah Driver’s License

If you want to reinstate your license after a suspension, you must meet the requirements for the administrative and criminal penalties. With proof, you can pay all the cost concerning reinstatement and will get your driving privileges back. If you must have an Interlock Ignition Device install in your car, then it must be done before you get your driver’s license back.