Vermont License Renewal

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles oversees the license renewal process.

Your Vermont license is typically good for 2 or 4 years. The state will send a renewal notice when the expiration date approaches detailing what’s needed to renew your license. You’ll have up to 14 days after its expiration to renew before you’re no longer allowed to drive in the state.

You can check your license validity and expiration date by requesting driving records. Otherwise, take note of its expiration on the card, call your local DMV, or refer to your notes.

You can renew your Vermont driver’s license:

  • In-person
  • By mail

Gather your personal documents, driver information, and payment to complete the process.

NOTE #1: All drivers, as of 2014, need to renew their license in person to comply with REAL ID.

NOTE #2: If your license has been expired more than 3 years, you’ll need to retake the vision, road, and written tests.

The following sections share the step-by-step process to renew your VT driver’s license.

How to Renew Your VT Driver’s License

A valid VT driver’s license is required if you drive on state roads and highways. Vermont auto insurance is a requirement, too, if you plan to operate your vehicle. The renewal process doesn’t take long if you have documents ready and follow the steps below.

In-Person Renewals

Here is what all you need to renew your Vermont driver’s license in-person:

  1. Find a VT DMV office
  2. Provide your driver form:
    1. Option #1: Renewal notice
    2. Option #2: Application for License/Permit (VL-021)
  3. Provide proof of ID, SSN, and Residency
    1. VT Driver’s License
    2. Passport
    3. SSN card
    4. W-2 form
    5. Utility bill
  4. Get your photo taken (if applicable)
  5. Pay your renewal fee
    1. 4 Years: $51
    2. 2 Years: $32

Congratulations! You’ve successfully renewed your Vermont driver’s license. You’ll receive your new license and be on your way.

Mail-In Renewals

Want to renew your Vermont license by mail? You’ll:

  1. File the renewal form you’ve received
    1. Or: Complete an Application for License/Permit
  2. Include payment for your renewal fees (check or money order only)
    1. 4 years: $51
    2. 2 years: $32
  3. Mail the information back to the DMV

You will send the documents to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

120 State St,

Montpelier, VT 05603

You’ll receive a non-REAL ID license in the mail unless you choose to renew in-person to receive one.

Out-of-State and Military Members

Military members have their license extended up to 4 years past their expiration date if they’re still active. Otherwise, members can renew by mail but won’t be issued a REAL ID.

When renewing, you’ll follow the same steps detailed in the in-person renewal. But, also provide the dates of when you were an active military member. Plus, provide a statement from the Armed Forces (signed by the commissioned officer) and a copy of discharge papers.

Become a Better Vermont Driver

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