How to Request Your Virginia Driving Records

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Your driving records, or DMV records, are the state’s collection of your driving history. Your driving history can include anything from a vehicle’s registration, convictions, and license status to point violations like unpaid tickets and more.

Others may request your records, such as employers, law enforcement, insurance companies, etc.

Getting your VA driver’s records can be done online, in person, and by mail. This short article shares how you can request driving records in Virginia.

Getting Your Virginia Driving Record: Step-by-Step

There are many driving record abstracts in VA:

  • Personal – 11-year history, for personal use only
  • Employment – 7-year history for employers and authorized agents
  • Insurance – 5-year history, for insurance purposes
  • Habitual offender restoration – 11-year history for court petitions

Each shares specific details of your personal and driver information. Your typical VA driving record is non-certified unless you pay the extra fee to have it certified.

Fees for a Virginia driving record include:

  • Uncertified: $9 (in person or by mail)
  • Uncertified: $8 (online)
  • Certified: +$5 to the base fee

You can request these documents through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get official, certified documents. Or, use third-party providers to get unofficial documents.

Below, you’ll learn how to request official documents through the VA DMV.

Driver Record Request Online

For certified copies from the DMV:

  1. Visit MyDMV
  2. Enter your information:
    1. License #
    2. SSN #
  3. Pay the fees
  4. Print or request the records mailed

Driver Record Request In-Person

To get the driving record at a DMV:

  1. Visit your local DMV
    1. Click for our list of VA DMV locations
  2. Complete the Information Request (CRD 93) form
  3. Show proof of identification
  4. Pay the $10 request fee

Driver Record Request by Mail

To get a copy of your driving record by mail:

  1. Choose your option
    1. Write and mail a written request (include name, address, SSN, and reason)
    2. File the Complete the Information Request (CRD 93) form
  2. Pay for the driving records

You will mail this request or form to:

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Attention: Vehicle (Driver) Records Work Center

P.O. Box 27412

Richmond, VA 23269

Found Something Wrong on Your Virginia Driving Records?

If you notice errors, contact your local DMV and inquire about the erogenous information. This may include the need to update your information on file. The driving record is a handy set of documents for many DMV and/or court purposes – so keep them nearby in case you need them fast.


Obtaining a copy of your driving records is easy with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. You can get your records quickly and easily with the necessary information and payment. Errors on the record should be reported right away to keep them accurate. Having an up-to-date driving record can help in many situations, so make sure you have access to it when needed.